Saturday, 8 March 2008

The kindness of Strangers...

Behind every blog facade there is a person.. a real person living out their life day after day... and life happens... good times, bad times, happy and sad times.. the rhythm goes on.
This week was a one of those 'sad times' or at least it started out that way....
as the week wore on the clouds lifted and so did my spirits..then on Friday out of the blue I received a parcel.. what could this be I pondered as the postie handed me the intriguing package?
Then another followed yesterday... a mystery indeed as it certainly was not my birthday and my ebay addiction has been on hold for a while so I really wasn't expecting any brown paper parcels..
The first parcel contained the most wonderful selection of my favourite things and I am ashamed to admit that I swooped onto the packet of Jelly Babies, within the pretty little drawstring bag, and had them for breakfast.. well most of them!

I smuggled my favourite Green & Black's chocolate into my Easter chocolate store.. oh boy.. I can't wait for this chocolate fast to end!

All these carefully chosen contents so dear to my heart..
and given with great thought and kindness and I am so very grateful to Kim .
My second delightful gift .. contained a dear little limited edition print of a Pickles look- a- Susie McCaffrey ...and now sits upon my bedroom mantelpiece.

This gorgeous package was given by the lovely Louise. I am really touched by the thoughfulness of these two lovely ladies for their tokens of friendship.. their gestures of goodwill only go to reinforce my gratitude and affection for all my blog friends and visitors....the kindness of strangers never ceases to amaze and touch my heart! Thank YOU!

Now before I depart.. I have a Meme invitation from a dear lass all the way from up there, in the wild and woolly wastes of Scotland and I have failed to complete this so far... promises that I will.. within the next few days...

Don't forget to batten down the hatches tonight.. we are in for a rough ride I fear according the weather man!


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Hello Michele! What sweet gifts! I love Jelly Babies!!! They're not common over here, but hubby and I have several British-suppliers who keep us satisfied with all our favs from England! =)

Our weather is amazingly similar! We had a WILD storm last night... tons of rain and 60mph winds!

I've given you an award (or two or three) over at my blog. =) hugs!

Country Cottage Chic said...

How kind & thoughtful! I wonder if the predicted storm is going to turn out to be another over exaggeration?

April said...

I am so totally with you on the chocolate fast - how many days til Easter?...15?! I can do it!! Although jelly babies help they are not quite the same. I was very proud of myself yesterday when out shopping with MIL I managed to refuse a FREE SAMPLE in Hotel Chocolat!!

It is always nice to get unexpected gifts.

April xx

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Michele, lovely gifts, what a couple of sweeties they are. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow at all, my garden's not brilliant but I would like to keep it!
Lucy X

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Michele - it really was a pleasure. I'm glad to hear that things are a little easier for you too. Louise's print is great isn't it, what does Pickles think? Hope you've had a good weekend (I'm still half asleep!) and I could do with a bowl full of jelly babies right now, but I've got some Belgian chocolates that a certain young lady has brought back for me to enjoy instead! Take care


Hi Michele, I am so glad you liked the print. I thought I would struggle to find a Pickles look-a-like, he is so unique, but it seems there is at least one other moggie out there showing Pickles' characteristics! Lovely pretty gift from Kim too, I covet the drawstring bag. Hmm, milk on Jelly Babies is a new one on me? x