Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Blooming Marvellous...

Has it occurred to you, as it did to me today... this time last year.. well.. give or take a few weeks, we were basking in a heatwave? Hardly seems credible as I have just bounded back indoors to avoid hypothermia after taking some snap happy pics of the garden.
I am taking the VERY bold decision to publish a photo of my garden in it's present state, bare bones and skimpy clothing and all.. which isn't very much at the moment. It is not a thing of beauty and being both house proud and garden proud I would normally shudder at the thought of you seeing my garden looking anything less than Wisley standards.

My usual household neurosis has turned it's attention to the garden and I am close to measuring the plants with a tape measure each day to see if they have grown a millimetre in the last 24 hours.
Impatient.. moi? Well yes .. horribly so.. when it comes to watching plants grow . I am like a petulant child these days.. I want all the toys in the shop and I want them now ...... please!
I have a few splashes of colour and lots of promise but not the big showy firework display of colour that comes in May and June each year... that is when the garden shows off and is bold, brash and happening!!!
Still.. be thankful for small mercies.. the daffodils are still shining brightly, the tete a tetes are sitting pretty
Not to mention the frogs..

The hellebores are top of the class with their exquisite flowers.
Here's one a made earlier..

The tulips and the alliums are waiting in the wings and my clematis Montana has romped along the fence and will hopefully be united with the new clematis (Rouge Cardinal) that I planted at the other end of the fence last week.
This flowering Rosemary has done me proud this winter with a pretty shower of delicate blue flowers.

So watch this space and remember the bare patches.. I will return with the painted canvas in a few weeks ..then you can play.. spot the difference. For now I will be pawing over my stack of gardening books permanently parked next to the bed.

It has come to my mind that you may not like the music I have placed on my blog recently. I would love to know if it turns you off or turns you on to reading my blog posts .. Please let me know your thoughts on this. My music taste is eclectic to say the least and not everyone's cup of tea! Talking of which.. must put the kettle on..


Emma Herian said...

Your garden looks really pretty even at this time of year - what will it look like in the summer! I think if I put my music taste on here people will run a mile!

Katherines Dream said...

Yes Michele I wondered when the Music would appear....well done it is great I love it....
The garden is going to be very beautiful - just because you are good at making things look besutiful.
I had nothing - nothing at all in my garden, that is almost 4 years ago now. And look how much it has grown....Miracle Grow .... lots and lots of !
Carol x

Sal said...

I bet your garden is up to Wisley standards really! It looks great and I love it all! Sal;-)

Vintage to Victorian said...

Isn't it good to be thinking about the garden at last!

Niki will be able to tell you about turning off the music should anyone wish to - she told me what to do but I don't remember!

Artsy-Craftsy Merchant said...

lovely photographs!


Hi Michele, yes the music is good, I play everyone's playlists when I am doing my housework, although I do have to turn the volume down when I am perusing through and commenting, as I can't think what I am trying to say? I actually like my garden at this time of year, it seems to look a lot tidier, and me and tidy go together very well. You have some very nice features around your garden, including that big frog's face, has Pickles introduced himself yet? I must say I am looking forward to seeing your plants in flower in a month or two. You have reminded me to pick a couple of stems of hellebore to bring indoors, I always forget to, yours look so lovely. I am intrigued to know what the book is on the bottom of your pile, I can't see the title! x

Curlew Country said...

What a lovely garden - seriously compared to mine it looks like Berryfields! I can't wait to get into mine and start sorting, just need a bit of time to throw at it.
Stephx - sorry, my pc has no speakers so I can't hear the music, I bet its lovely though!

Glickster said...

For more about Hellebores:

Deb said...

Your garden looks so pretty. I love the mosaic square in the patio.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Michele,
Your garden is looking lovely - honestly - I have to battle with 6 hens dancing all over my patch and so I am seriously jealous of your tidy section of Bath....!!
The hellebores are magical - as is Mr.Frog......time to batten-down-the-hatches though.....I think a storm is brewing for the weekend.
Niki x
PS: Music? What music?

Nonnie said...

Michele your garden looks absolutely gorgeous. I love the little mosaic square and helebores are one of my absolute favourites. Mum has a lot in her garden at the moment. Do show us the aliums when they come up. I think perhaps they are my absolute favourite.

asti said... of my faves..I only have a little courtyard to think about but even i'm getting a bit thoughtful about what to put in the pots(no doubt more geraniums, the scented ones being my they survive anything!) love your little stone mosaic by the way..
asti xx

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Your garden looks good naked Michelle. I'm looking forward to seeing how you'll be dressing it over the coming months, I can just see you sitting at the table in the sunshin, just lovely. I like the music, we can always turn the volume down.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

First of all, love the music!
Secondly, your garden is going to be goreous - it is even bare! Love the different sections and your planters. So pretty, Michele!

Hugs to you,