Monday, 21 January 2008

Works in progress...

... nine hundred and ninety nine, one thousand, one thousand and one, one thousand and two.........and counting!

Actually I have lost count now ( and my mind) but I know that I have made more than a thousand cards.
It would be all fine and dandy if I could count and have a memory of some kind.. but every time I start a re-count.. something distracts me and I have to start again... tiresome indeed!
All badges are now mounted on to their cards and next I have the daunting task of wrapping each card and envelope in a cello bag... watching paint dry would be much more fun and a lot more leisurely. I have had a great deal of sympathy and empathy for factory workers this last week... the endless repetitive monotony of production line assembly is something to be admired ... and avoided... Having said all that ... I love what I do with a passion and chose to do this work so I am really not complaining..
Well maybe just a teensy weensy bit then!

I managed to make another 'Cowboy' themed frame before the madness started last week.. I will be listing this in my Cowboys & Custard shop soon (see link on side-bar) ... just as soon as I can!..

Thank you for all your lovely comments over the last few days.. they have really buoyed me along and I LOVE hearing from you all ... and lovely to hear from new visitors too.. I will try and get round to visiting you all by the end of the week..

Dear Annie over at Saucerful of Secrets
(url is or look at my blog link list...)
is having a fabulous giveaway with one of her wonderfully crafted cats amongst lots of other goodies..
Annie makes the most beautiful dolls, designed and sewn by her very fair and talented hands!! Please go and visit her... should would love to meet you and join in her giveaway..

Well it's 'Aurevoir' from me for now... I will be back, drooling and twitching after I have packed this lot .. and some !!


Jane said...

Well done,
I hope that you can take the day off when you've finished,

Nonnie said...

Well done, you're nearly there! I think a well deserved treat is definitely in order when you've finished. I can sympathise with the packing. I had just 160 cards to put into bags and I found that totally boring but it's nothing compared with your task. But it will be so satisfying once you parcel them all up and send them off to the buyer. Love the new frame by the way.

Ragged Roses said...

Well done you!!! congrats on getting it all done Michele, you've been working really hard. You're not the only one who's brain is addled at the moment. I made a lovely leek quiche yesterday, only I forgot to put the leeks in! Not the best quiche ever, we had to add leek topping to it later!

daffy said...

You can do it!
Motivation... imagine how satisfied you will be when you finish the last one off. :o)
Your sink reminds me of my grans house. Apparantly she used to bath me in it... it certainly looks big enough.

Garden girl said...

I love the sherrifs' badge- it's brilliant!! Have you got repetitive strain injury now?!
anna x

ChelleBez said...

I have one unsolicited suggestion for counting your cards: group them in sets of say 10, 20, 50, etc. That way you only need to count the number of large sets, rahter than individual cards. :)

Sounds like you have been really busy. I bet your days just fly by before you know it (either that or drag while inserting each card into cello lol). I think its wonderful that you have the opporunity for such an experience.

Let me know if you need a helmet to keep from baning your head repeatedly on the table. :)


bj said...

My goodness gracious, should take a standing ovation for a job well done! CLAP, CLAP, DOUBLE CLAP, WHISTLE THRU TEETH, STOMP FEET, DO THE WAVE, ENCORE (oh, now, you may not want to hear that one!).
Rest awhile....hugs, bj

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

You've been working very hard, well done you!. I can see the appeal in making all those badges, I acquired a badge-maker myself before Christmas and spent a lovely afternoon playing with it. But all that attaching the badges to the cards and putting into cellophane bags...1,000 times over...I'm impressed.You must be torn between wanting a repeat order and wanting a bit of a break from badges and cards for a little while.And you're keeping us all entertained in between too, I'm really enjoying your blog so thankyou!

Katherines Dream said...

Michele you have worked so hard.
How long did that lot take!
Carol xx

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Very good! You are almost there!
Tis a good feeling when a goal has been reached, eh?

Thank you for the link - shall tootle over for a lookie see.

Hope you are great! Better than great!