Thursday, 3 January 2008

The calm after the calm...

Well what an anti-climax that was.... I was braced for a winter wonderland today and not one flake, not one measly flake of snow landed on Bath.. well not that I noticed. I frequently peered out of the window expecting to see a flurry though hoping for a blizzard.. mais pas de saucisse! Not a sausage!
Pickles acted as my barometer by going in and out to the garden and coming in bone dry.. therefore I knew that the white stuff had by-passed us once again.. Oh woe is me!
I LOVE snow and find the whole atmosphere of a snow storm very exciting and romantic..
Still ... I live in hope.. there is plenty more winter left and I have known it to snow in May... many years ago.
Those of you who live in privileged places and have found yourself gazing out on to a white washed world.. think of me please.. bereft and snowless and please post some photos on your blog so that I can at least see how the other half live!

Pickles is not fussed either way and preferred to stay indoors .

It is a tradition that we buy our cat a helium balloon each year... no, not to hear him speak in a Mickey Mouse voice .. he loves to jump up and catch the string in his mouth and pull the balloon along... very reminiscent of Piglet in the Winnie the Pooh story...
Unfortunately this year the balloon was short lived as Pickles got rather boisterous one day and wrapped the string around his leg.. panicked and ran full pelt out of the house with balloon attached. Being a helium balloon it didn't take long to detach from his leg and float away over the roof tops... going going gone...


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Michele, no snow here either, though certainly was cold enough. I sort of do but don't want it to snow, can't make up my mind! Hope it snows for you though.
Lucy x

Ragged Roses said...

Poor old Pickles! We had snow, the cold, wet sleety stuff that just makes you wet and doesn't settle! We were all so excited and nearly cancelled a trip to the cinema in anticipation of building a snowman and getting the sledges out. But it was not to be! You did have me worried a bit at the end of your post, I thought, for one moment, that Pickles had gone floating up over the rooftops of Bath with the balloon still attached. Every cloud has a silver lining (but not always snow!)


Ha Ha, He He, I saw something you didn't see! One flurry of snow falling onto our car park at work, everyone getting excited, me freaking, as I hate driving in the snow, not that it would have settled that quick! I am just glad that balloon detached from Pickles' leg, it would have been a first to have seen a shorthair tabby floating over the rooftops of Bath, I bet he was relieved to have shaken the wretched thing off his leg too, before it was 'kittens' for him! x

Vintage Tea said...

I too have been waiting for snow but nothing! Just the chill of winter!

Please pop over to my blog as I'm having a small Valentines giveaway.

Best Wishes


Pretty Practicals said...

Hi Michelle, I've just found your blog via Louise at Home is where the heart is. I live on the edge of the Cambrian Mountains in Mid Wales where is it bitterly cold and no doubt the snow will be with us again tomorrow. I will take pics as soon as it arrives so that you can enjoy it too. I am relatively new to blogging and until this week I had no idea that so many talented women (& men) were committing words to screen.
What a great year 2008 looks like it's going to be! Best wishes, Liz

Cathy said...

Happy New Year Michele! No snow here either - I have been peering out from behind the curtain every 10 minutes, and the neighbours must think I am spying on them. I love snow but we hardly ever get it in Cheltenham.
People using the helium from balloons to get squeaky voices makes me cry with laughter every time, and the thought of Pickles meowing in a high pitch has made my evening!!
Cathy XX

ChelleBez said...

LOL!!! I laughed out loud about the balloon getting stuck to Pickle's paw. What a wonderful mental picture. I love animals! They provide such wonderful comic relief.

As for the snow, want mine? You can have the 16-degree temps to go with it. It also comes complete with completely dried out air that makes everything static charged (including pets) and the need to constantly apply chapstick and lotion. Although I do have to admit it IS quite pretty. I love looking at the mountains here completely covered in snow from top to bottom. I'll get out and take a few pictures for you.

Here's to hoping you get your own white wonderland.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh, I so know how you feel - cheated on the white stuff. I think the last snow we had in the valley here was in 1977. No kidding. Now, it does snow in California..just in the mountains. Yosemite is beautiful this time of year.

Anywho, give Pickles a hug for me. Poor fella..losing his balloon to the blue sky. Very funny story though!

Michelle, I am ready for Molly. Just email me to let me know the details. Can't wait!!!


Beeswax, said...

Me again!! just wanted to say I noticed your bedtime reading material consisted of a copy of NT/S cottages for rent....ME TOO..I always enjoy their pages on cottage rentals and all the rest of the NT I am a member of the scottish NT, and hopefully this year will be making full use of my membership in to all the lovely places around the UK to explore....just thought I would share this little bit of info!!
Kath x :)

Brenda said...

Hello Michele
Like you I used to get so excited about the prospect of snow in England. On the odd occasion it did snow I was absolutely ecstatic to the point of hyperventilating! Then 13 years ago I moved to Michigan.... now I look out of the window and say "Oh, that wasn't so bad, we only got 9". Which is what we received on New Years Day, photos on my blog!

Here's hoping for snow for you, although the hills of Bath would be appalling to navigate!


Ragged Roses said...

Hello Michele - how strange I left you a comment yesterday and it's disappeared! I just wanted to let you know that we had cold, wet, sleety snow here the sort that makes you want to run indoors and put the kettle on - not the thick velvety covering that makes you want to pelt each other with snowballs!! For a moment there you had me worried, I though Pickles was still attached to that balloon and could be seen flying over the rooftops! See every cloud has a silver lining, even if it's not full of snow!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Heehee! I wish I could have seen that! (Poor scared kitty though!)

Country Cottage Chic said...

I don't think those weather people should be allowed to get our hopes up like that only to have them dashed when we don't get even one measly flake of snow!

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Hello Michele,
We too had a few flakes of snow, nothing to get excited about though. The helium balloon tradition is very unusual but it did make me laugh.
Happy new year to you.
Sandi x

Lesley said...

Huh, I counted 4 crubbish minuscule flakes here yesterday. Folk treated me like a plague victim all day when I dared mention wanting snow. So glad it's not just me that fancies some white stuff. My youngest is six and has never made a snowball!!!
Her teacher played tricks all day by pointing outside and saying 'Ooh, it's snowing!' - she's got the perfect warped teacher sense of humour :)
Fingers crossed for a blizzard soon,
Moogsmum xxx
p.s. belated Happy New Year!!

bj said...

How funny...I can just see Pickles, balloon attached and all, running like the wind. Thank goodness, the balloon came loose!
We don't have snow here in West Texas either but, since I don't like it, I am thrilled. I do hope you get your white stuff, tho.
Hugs, bj

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Michele

If I can find the photos I'll post the ones I took one EASTER in Bath when we had so much snow that there were 2 accidents outside our house in Entry Hill. I used the photos for my Christmas cards that year!!

Happy New Year if I haven't said it already!

Sue x

Michael House said...

Hi Pickles, Vanessa has just left a comment on your Michele's blog, but I wanted to say hello to you, as we might be twins. Or, are we just common? No of course not. If you have a chance, ask her to have a peep at Vanessa's blog, at (i think) to have a look at me. Love Ted