Sunday, 20 January 2008

Sunday Lazy Sunday...

Well for now at least....
I am still horizontal with the laptop precariously balanced on my lap whilst I try to catch up with you all and start the day, gloomy as it is outside, with a smile and a skip!
I am going downstairs to have my bowl of porridge in a minute and placate Pickles with a big bowl of fish... spoilt moggy!
But before I dear friend Michelle at Chellebez (Adam and Michelle) .. (sorry STILL can't link... anyone like to pop over and help ? has tagged me and I promised I would give it some thought and so here I am... thinking!
I am always a little unsure about what to say...I try to think of something interesting about me but .. No.. sorry... not much to write home about there..

Here are just a few random facts ..

**Please forgive me those of you who have already read this and noticed a few changes.. I keep changing my mind about what to write... now that is another fact about me in itself.... procrastinator of the highest order!

1. I am a country girl at heart. The great British countryside is beautiful and I dream of a day when we can move to Devon and live by the moor.. in peace!

2. I am very self- conscious and blush easily if made the centre of attention. I hate this about myself!

3. I developed a fear of flying when my son was born.. along with other phobias..! and I constantly worry about my health
(which hasn't been brilliant since my parents both passed away) I developed endometriosis a few years ago which is stress related.

4. On a brighter note..
I love my men..
My gorgeous handsome intelligent successful funny charming and most loving and loved man.
My gorgeous handsome intelligent successful funny charming and most loving and loved son.
My gorgeous handsome intelligent precocious furry eccentric loving and loved cat...

5. I have a gold tooth. Not on display.

6. Last but not least...
I fell out of a window, yes through the glass, when I was three years old.. I didn't suffer any scratches or cuts.. a miracle!

Bien! C'est tout.. mes amies... please forgive my school girl french.. xx

P.s Please excuse the scruffy bed.. this photo was taken two years ago not long after we had moved house and we had acquired the previous owners blinds now thankfully replaced with curtains.. the bed is my beloved oak and elm antique bed that I bought 23 years ago.. we now have a brass bed but I have kept the wooden bed for my son when he leaves home..
Now not sure you needed to know all that but there you go...


Ragged Roses said...

Lovely to read more about you Michele. What a gorgeous bed, I feel like curling up in my bed again at the moment, it is just sooooo grey. I don't like flying anymore and am beginning not to enjoy driving which doesn't bode well for the future! Hope you're having a wonderful day with your gorgeous men and Pickle!
I see from the post below that you're cracking on with those badges, well done you!

bj said...

You are such a precious lady...and so funny. I just love your sense of humor and reading your sweet blog brings me much happiness and laughter. I love visiting you!
That bed is awesome, too.....
It was fun reading about your personality....
hugs, bj

Ragged Roses said...

Hello me again (encore une fois), I love " After you'd gone" in fact it's sitting right in front of me as I type this. It is such a haunting book.

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Michele,
I am having one of those days too! and loving it!
It is a lovely bed, you should keep it for when your grand children come to stay....sometime in the distant future! not too soon is what I mean Michele! well you know.........
Keep up the good work.
Big hugs,
Carol xx
PS. If Jamie is going to be there at any point - I really must visit!

scj said...

What a delightful bed. I can just imagine how comfortable it would be and yes, I wouldnt want to get out of it quickly either!

I love the fact that you love your men. I love mine too but I only have one (a dearly beloved hubby or nearly 30 years!. Sometime soon I think we will have another 'boy' (cat) in the house to replace Alfie who died last year. Thank you for sharing about yourself.

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Michele, that's the kind of bed you could just move into and not move out again! I can relate to number 2!! Hope the production line is continuing apace, are you eating, sleeping and dreaming badges yet? I did suggest to Mr. Bloom about floral shorts but he wasn't too keen - his loss!
Have a productive week,
best wishes,
Lucy x

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Fun list. I enjoyed my visit!

Sea Angels said...

Hi Michele, thanks so much for those lovely comments. It is so hard to put a personal picture on a post, it made me feel dead vulnerable. Is that an Angel above your bed, I really like the look of it, and your bed looks all fluffed up and comfy. What a lot of badges, looks like hard work to me. Have a smashing week.
Hugs Lynn

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Michele
Well, we have nos 1 and 2 and the fear of flying in common! Keep up the good work - you'll soon get to the end of the marathon I'm sure. And don't printers ALWAYS play up when we need them to behave?!!!!
Sue x

buttercup & roses said...

What a great list!
I dont like flying either..okay thats an understatement..Im terrified of flying!

Your a very lucky lady having 3 boys that you love so much, especially that gorgeous kitty of yours!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele,
I love learning more about my blog friends, thanks for sharing.
The bed is just perfectly unmade like you could just crawl back in mmmm dreamy!
Hope you have enjoyed your weekend.
Kristina XxX

ChelleBez said...

I think you rose beautifully to the occasion. :) Its always fun to read fun facts about our blog friends. You always get a picture of everyone in your head, and its fun to add character to that picture.

I have decided that endometriosis is for the birds. It just comes with way too many unfun possibilities. I think I'll relinquish mine for good.... if only it was that easy.

Loads of love and hugs,

Nonnie said...

I'm with you on the fear of flying. I just hate it, although strangely I am rather facinated by watching planes. Good thing really as my flat is under the flight path into Heathrows north runway! I'm probably going to have to go to Kuwait with work some time in the summer and I'm already dreading it even though it's months away. The furthest I've flown is Jordan which is about 6 hours but I think it will be 7 or 8 to Kuwait! Why we can't do more projects in the UK I'll never know!
I love the bed. Your son is very lucky that you're saving it for him. I don't know if he appreciates it now but he sure will in future.