Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Light relief..

I sense that maybe I have bored you into submission with my rantings about work recently so I feel a responsibility to lighten up a bit and change the subject so you don't abandon me in your droves... wouldn't blame you.. I wish I could escape me sometimes!

Way back in an earlier post I was bleating on about not being able to sew and deciding that this year would be a good time to try this challenge.

I showed you a book that I had bought and was all of a titter about it in my usual Mr Toad way..(as in Wind in the Willows)
The book explains how to make sock and glove animals and is one of the range of Japanese publications that I find so inspiring. It was my intention (as always) to have a go and try using a completely different medium for a change.
I now have to confess that I have not picked this book up other than to gaze longingly at the enchanting little animals within and dream wistfully of the day that I take the plunge and MAKE ONE!!!!!
My pathetic excuse for not having achieved this yet .. is the difficulty in finding the right gloves.. they have to be cotton and handshaped (obviously.. you are thinking) in the form of a flat hand spread out..
Well you try finding these said gloves... c'est tres difficile n'est ce pas!!
I must add that I gave up pretty quickly and have buried the book along with others to the 'pending' pile!
Well my latest acquisition is a needle felt bunny kit...

This is not a totally alien craft to me... the felting I have already done by means of making slippers..

the needle bit.. I haven't done yet so .. dare I say watch this space.. and maybe .. just maybe a bunny will appear one day!

Don't hold your breath though!

Lastly is another vintage box frame that I am hoping to list on my shop page ... when I get around to it!

This one is called..'Walking the Dogs'.



BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Your latest box frame is too scrumptious for words! SOME day I am going to splurge (and set it next to my little fairy dolls from Niki)! ;)

Jenn said... her!!! What a sweet, sweet frame Michele! I finally got my camera working and all the bugs out of my computer (I hope!) and posted my house frame on my blog today. Thank you is so special! xoxo

asti said...

LOVE that box....gorgeous! Well done with getting all the cards done.... x

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Michele, that felting bunny kit looks fun - I think! I've seen felted animals on other blogs and have imagined they are quite fiddly to do. Very impressed with your felt slippers, and the new box frame is charming.
Lucy x

Vintage Tea said...

Your box frames are wonderful, I'm just starting to experiment with some myself at the moment!


Rubyred said...

Abandon you? Never,I love hearing all about your work.Love the slippers you made,good luck with your bunny kit too!I have yet to try needle felting.

Ragged Roses said...

Woof woof to you! I love that one, but I can't have another, just yet ...! Good luck with the needle felting,, I have a friend who does that and really enjoys it. Love the slippers!
Have a good day

Michael House said...

Hi, have fun with the needle felting, I haven't tried any three dimensional things yet, but have the book 'Fleece Dog' full of gorgeous little dogs, which, like your book on glove thingies, I look at in admiration and then do something else! Vanessa

Katherines Dream said...

Michele I have read how easy it is to make I right you boil an old woolie, dry it and cut it into whatever takes your fancy?
I love those slippers.
If this is right I am going to have a go this evening.....
Big hugs,
Carol x

Curlew Country said...

What fab slippers, they look so cosy. I'm not much of a needlewoman. I can do straight lines and buttons and that's about your lot. One day though I really do want to learn how to crochet and embroider pretty flower tablecloths and hankies like my mum used to do. At this rate I'll be retired before I get the chance but you never know!
Have a great weekedend.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Michelle ~ How's it going today for you? Knee deep in cards and buttons, no doubt. Love the Japanese books...don't have one yet for my collection, but have to. I think one is called Tilda.. are killing me with more sweet boxes - and this one?! Darling! Like Beachy, I am saving up more shillings for another splendid treat from you!!


PS: Adorable booties you made for yourself! Love the dots!

Nonnie said...

'Walking the dogs' is sooo cute! I have promised myself that I will buy one of your frames this year when I've saved a few pennies. I think it will be very difficult to choose which one though. Good luck with the little bunny. It looks like a cute kit. I'm sure you will produce a gorgeous little bunny. My learning goal this year is crochet. I've been telling myself for over a year that I will learn and the more I see all those gorgeous granny square and ripple blankets on other peoples blogs the more I want to make one myself. I have finally learnt french knots though in the last week so that's one thing off my to do list!

bj said...

Oh, gosh...I think most of us have those 'pending piles hidden somewhere in our house! I know I do!
I love your "Walking the Dogs" frame. So cute.
hugs, bj

ChelleBez said...

I think we all have those little pet projects we would like to get to one day. Mine are always books I want to read. I buy oodles of books because I love going to the bookstore. Then the books end up on my shelf, undread. I suppose we just need to make time in our lives for the things we think would be fun.

I hope to see that little felt bunny appear on your site one day. :)


Sea Angels said...

Hi there...I love your frame sooo much,the colours are amongst my favorites.
Good luck with the needlefelting..I usually end up with more damaged fingers than juggling hot coals, with the needles ouch!! they are soooo sharp.
The slippers look safe though, and mega cosy....
Have a nice weekend
Lynn xx

daffy said...

Wow! I bet your feet look fabulous in those! :o)
I can't knit but I keep trying... granted I drop more loops than I make and anything I do make would only fit something 'splodge shaped'!
Now I want a felt bunny making kit! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele,
Your stories of work are far from boring,its exciting watching you spreading your wings and seeing you flying,i wish you all the look with it this year.
your new box frame is beautiful i love the colors,its funny reading your post about making things because i'm the same at the moment,check my post,i'm having a competion/giveaway please feel free to enter if you want to.
Love Kristina XxX

Beeswax, said...

Hi Michele, this shadow box is so sweet,I am saving up to buy the Cowboy one, I love it! as do all of them, I notice you have nearly finished your cards, well done! you will be looking for a little TLC now, a hand massage is amazing when you have been working so hard,hope hubby obliges!

As for the sewing, maybe you should give your fingers a little break first!lol
love, Kath x