Saturday, 19 January 2008

A little bit bonkers....

I feel as though I have been in the ring with Mike Tyson the last couple of days.. now why is that I wonder ?
I ache from head to toe and not in a flu kind of way but a bruised and battered way. All I have done for the last two days is make badges and run back and forth to my ailing printer ...... not exactly an all body work out.
I suppose I am ashamed to admit that I have not done this much hard graft for a long time and my body and mind are complaining bitterly at the sudden change in tempo.
I have managed to plough through several hundred badges now and if I can keep this up for the next few days I should have finished this marathon by the end of the week... she says optimistically.

It is fairy typical and alarming that my printer decided to have the last laugh yesterday after churning out hundreds of printed cards..Instead of spewing smoke and grinding to a halt..which would be instant disaster... it has stopped feeding the card through automatically so I am now having to stand and feed each card through manually... very tiresome indeed!!
Maybe I am not cut out for this mass production but my pride and my bank balance will not let me give up now and I do recall saying to you, not that long ago.. (two weeks) that this year it was make or break for Cowboys & Custard..!

Enough talk of work... very dull.

I would however like to say how grateful I am and how proud I am to be part of this caring and generous community... your comments are always SO supportive and nourishing and are immensely helpful and welcome.. so.. Thank you all for your kind words.. they mean so much to me. I had such a wonderful response to my recent news about work... they are all greatly appreciated.

Changing tack.... Pickles has been very happy to join in with all the madness of late and has decided to ambush everyone who walks up the stairs... he camps out by the radiator on the middle landing and tries to grab anyone who passes..
You can see by the demonic look in his eye how much he relishes this game.

Wherever you are this weekend... I hope you are high and dry.. it has been the most abysmal weather this week and my heart goes out to all of you who are having to wear wellies indoors... I hope none of you are flooded out.. unlike our poor friends in the Cotswolds who woke up to several feet of water in their kitchen this week!! Awful.



daffy said...

Here in the North East we have had a taster of Spring! I know! its so strange. The sun was out, I ran full length of the house. (not very far) to get my washing out and it dried! I love to see washing swinging in the wind whilst the sun shares it's warmth. (I'm easily pleased)
That cat definitely has a devilish glint in the eye!

Katherines Dream said...

Good girl....and well done. You deserve something nice this evening!
Pickles is a very handsome little man....beautiful eyes.
Just got home from another trip to the vet with Guy.
He has antibiotics now, inflammed nasal passages. He sneezes a lot.
The vet did say that he is tiny for 3 weeks! oh well back to calling him little Guy. The Vet was full of praise and said I was doing a grand job, that made me feel better. I did need to hear that.
Speak soon.
Much love,
Carol xx
ps do not forget my email with No.

becky up the hill said...

Hello..from across the pond..I was caught up in reading your blog(via Becky's at Sweet Cottage Dreams)..lovely gifted person that you are. I saw your blog about Dartmoor...wondered if you ever read Laurie King's book The Moor. It part of her Russell series...anyhooo hello and enjoyed your blog!

Our Back Porch said...

Hello there Michele. I was sooo excited to read about you on Becky's blog. I have been to Bath and long to return there one day.....simply lovely!! I have enjoyed your blog and will bookmark you! I enjoyed my visit here!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Howdy do, Michele! Well, I won't tell you that it was sunny and spring like weather today. Took a drive to the coast - lovely day. Will post about it soon.

Now to you! You poooor girl having to supervise the printer. Daunting little task indeed! I cannot believe how many buttons you made already! Way to go!

Keep your pretty chin up and hi-dee-ho silver AWAY!


asti said...

Cor, you've done SO well! Been thinking of you and that badge repeatetive strain injuries I hope ! Have a nice lazy day today. x sorry it's brief, I'm still under the weather :(

ChelleBez said...

Situations like that make you wonder if the order was a blessing or a curse! Stupid printers and technology always ruin our lives. lol I used to work in a job where printer malfunctions meant missed deadlines and meltdowns... it happened a LOT. lol So I completely sympathize. Right down to the manually feeding each sheet. I don't miss those days.

Pickles looks soooo soft. I just want to reach out and pet the demonic little boy.

Best of luck and wishes for this week!


Nonnie said...

Smokey used to do that thing with the bannister at Mum and Dad's old house in Yorkshire. Now they're in the Cotswolds there is no bannister so he can't do it! I think he's getting a bit old for ambush anyway. Deaf too. These days when he's not sleeping he's wandering around the house calling out for Mum because he can't hear her. Even if he's just left the room where she is! Funny boy.
Keep going with the order. It will all be worth it in the end. Sounds like you're getting on really well.