Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Sublime to ridiculous...

It's Tuesday and I am still coughing... if coughing was an Olympic sport ... I have just won gold!
I have been bragging for years that I haven't had a cold so serves me right really for being so smug when all around me were sniffing and sneezing.. knew I was tempting fate! For years I have been a devotee of the wonder herb echinacea and took it religously from October through to February without a hint of a cold but this year ... I simply forgot..and look what happened.
Anyway.. I am beginning to sound like The Lancet and it is getting a bit dull for you all to hear me moaning and groaning as I am sure there is a lot of it about....
So I will STOP.. right here and change the subject..

I have been trying to drum up some enthusiasm for the impending Craft Fair in Bath that I am attending this Saturday.. and after hearing of Fiona's @ Nonnie's dismal day at the same Fair last Saturday I am not exactly optimistic about this one..
There are Craft Fairs and Craft Fairs and I know which one I want to be associated with..
Anyway not to continue on the negative path.. I am making last minute cards and girding my loins for the prospect of spending a Saturday in town... I have not ventured out since last Thursday apart from a quick trip to the Doc's today..

I am thinking ahead now to next year and Valentine's Day is my next date for occasion cards..
I have just put together some ideas and would like a bit of audience participation before I offer them to the world at Not on the High Street...
They could be described as sublime to ridiculous or just ridiculous.. but I would welcome your honest, gut reaction to them as it is so easy to be out of touch with popular trends... I have to appeal to the masses as this is how I earn my living...(suppress uncontrolled laughter) and Pickles is getting a bit worried about his pension!

So here are the selection so far.. more to follow soon..

Place your votes now please!

A huge thank you to all of you who visit me each day and really make my day!
There are some mighty fine people out there and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance!

Have a Jolly Holly evening ....



bj said...

Oh, I absolutely adore every single one of them and could not pick a favorite if I were going before a firing squad! They all are precious!
I am sorry you still aren't back to feeling 100% yet but, it will pass and you'll feel better soon!
hugs, bj

asti said...

All divine - especially the love letter and marry me. Hope you feel better soon, at least you will be fit and well for Christmas xx

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Michele,
Sorry to hear you are still suffering - you could call round here and we could cough in chorus if you like! I'm quite getting used to my husky voice now!

The Valentine cards are fab (I'm sure you must be the only Blogger talking about Feb 14th already!!)
I would have to pick 'Well hello littel missy', as my middle daughter's nickname is 'Missy', so this card made me smile....

Feel better soon,
Love Niki x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Doh! That's 'little' not littel!! but you knew that!
Niki x

Rabbits' Guy said...

Love Letter .. total unique!

Except wait ... bunnies don't read or write.

Well then, True Love - a great picture!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Michele, they're all brilliant, you have such original ideas. Good Luck at the fair!

Cathy said...

I love them all to bits - they are so cute. My fave has to be 'Hello Little Missy' - it made me laugh out loud.
Hope your cough is soon better. Good luck with the craft fair. You never know - even the worst ones can throw up an opportunity. I got a shop to stock my stuff despite it being the worst fair I had done for ages, so that made it worth while.
Cathy XX

Vintage Tea said...

I'm following a few of the others lead and saying the one that made me smile most definitely was "Hello Little Missy".

Hope you're feeling better soon



Hi Michele, no I haven't succombed to the dreaded lurgy, just succombed to the dreaded tiredness. I have had one of those non-stop days today, tomorrow will be better, after work I plan a go slow! Your cards are 'one of a kind' I mean that in a positive way. I like True Love, that is the one I would buy if for J. Hello Little Missy very much reminded me of James (Jimmy) Stewart! Anyway keep up the good work and continue to get better. Louise x

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Michele
I swear by echinacea too, and have also not taken it this year and up until the weekend had the most awful cough that made my ribs sore! That'll teach me too! Glad you're slowly improving.
All the cards are great, I love the Hello Little Missy one best too! I think they're all going to be hugely successful!
Good luck on Saturday, hope it's a good day for you
Kim x

amy said...

i love all of them. i think love letter is my favorite. i hope you are feeling better soon!

Country Cottage Chic said...

I think they are lovely! I want a badge maker now! :-)

Ben said...

Good work. I too love them all, though 'I think I'm in love' and 'Love letter' are my favourites.

Where's this 'ere craft fair then?

this is my patch said...

Hi Michele, how is that cough today? Have you taken all of our advice on the cards, or have you carried on regardless! x

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I can't pick! I love them all! Hope you are feeling better today Michele and having a great day. ~ Lynn P.S. Yep, the toffee is chewy but oh so good.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

I hope you're feeling better!!!

I love "Well hello little missy"!

daffy said...

Hello Michele! Gosh I am always the last to find the best places! :o)
Oh, congratulations on your gold medal! ;o)
I hope you feel better soon and ready to be besieged at the craft fair! (Optimism is one of my better qualities)
I love the cards and I think you appeal to just about all. What about for the soppy youngsters? Can you remember the 'Love is...' cartoons? Why not try and find some of them and maybe incorporate one or two of them into a card?

Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
ugghhh! i wish that bug would either die or leave you alone,you have my sympathy its just awful trying to do anything when you are so poorly.
The cards i absolutely love! they are really different.
Kristina XxX

Nicky said...

Hi Michele,
Just catching up on your week's worth of blogs.. I love the Love Letter and I think Im in Love... now what was Mr Cage's address?? x