Sunday, 23 December 2007

If in doubt...

Go for a walk...
and that is just what we did today.. it was a perfect misty moisty day and the hills around Bath were alive with the sound of ... wellies squelching through the muddy fields.
When I was in the 24 hour throes of labour having my son at a hospital in Bath.. the view from my bed was of the most beautiful hills to the west of Bath city centre.. and I vowed that one day I would walk up these hills as they looked so inviting.
It has only taken me 13 years to manage this pilgrimage but today the time was ripe and so we set off to climb a hill ...

Oh what a beautiful hill it is too..

The views on our trek across the fields were stunning..I felt as though we were standing on the edge of the world with the mist below..

Beloved of mine got a sneaky shot of another old landmark.. tee hee hee!

So if you have over indulged and have O.D on the preps this is the perfect antidote.. get out and walk!!
I have looked at the long range weather over Christmas .. ever hopeful that we will wake up to a white washed landscape one day. The forecast was full of promise yesterday and showed lots of little snowflakes around the 2nd of January.. but today the same forecast showed sunny crisp days... I am happy either way as long as I can romp on the moor as we are off to Dartmoor apres Christmas... Can't wait!

So it only leaves me to squeeze in just one more
HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL! I hope your Christmas brings happiness and harmony and 2008 is full of hope and good health..
Much love

P.s Happy Christmas from me too!

Pickles xx ( A Pickles lookilike)


Ragged Roses said...

Hello Michele - What wonderful photos! It's probably what we should have been doing today up on the Downs, However we were knee deep in pressie making, pressie wrapping and cleaning! I knew it would all catch up with me. Nearly there now. Having a very festive takeaway tonight as the oven died yesterday and if it can't be revived tomorrow by the engineer, it'll be takeaway on Christmas Day too, oh the joy!!!! The only positive thing I'm gleaning from this is that it's stopped me having to bake all the things I was planning to. Anyway wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Hope 2008 brings you all good things. It has been lovely 'meeting' you these past months and look forward to finding out more from you soon.
Love Kimxxx
Thanks so much for the award, it is very kind of you and I will think of what to write after Christmas (is it 7 random facts?)

Country Cottage Chic said...

Just popped in to wish you & The Boys a wonderful Christmas!


Ragged Roses said...

Sorry me again - happy holidays to Pickles from my two moggies. Although I'm not sure he would want to be acquainted with two such naughty kitties!

the flour loft said...

Have a wonderful Christmas Michele x
Brooch cards arrived safely...thank you, they are beautiful.
Lovely meeting you this year... see you in 2008.
Warm wishes

bj said...

What beautiful scenery! I have a cousin that lives in Bath and I have always hoped that one day I might go over to see him. I am pretty sure I won't ever be able to do it, but it's a lovely dream.
And, thanks for reminding about the herb for a cold...I don't have many colds and always forget about taking it. I have some on hand, the Golden seal kind that is supposed to be xtra good for a cold. So glad you reminded me of it.
Have a happy Christmas, and many hugs, bj

beeswax, said...

Dear Michele, what a view!!
Well done for achieving you goal after 13 years, better late than never..and what a goal, looks so beautiful up there in those misty hills,
oh I am so envious of your efforts today...whilst you were giving yourself a sentimental, awe inspiring,walk of your dreams, I was in Tesco, flushed and Dory like mentally!!!goodness knows how I got round that awful store,(I did sign the hanmade pledge after all)must have been on auto
Glad ypu enjoyed it with your sweetheart in hand,who may I say is a talnted photographer, stunning photo's..
Have a lovely Christmas Michele, and an ever better start in the New Year..
Lots of love and Hugs, Kath xx
p.S. hope the Andrea Bocelli post didn't upset you too much, I'm sure it will have been very difficult for you to have heard these again, but hopefully you found a comfort in them too...
I was sorry to read your post on your double bereavment a couple of years ago Michele,terrible tradgedy in such a short space of time, you have obviously used your strength to inspire you into new ventures in life,how you coped and your shake yourself down attitude to it all is an inspiration in itself, you are to be admired for that indeed...
Hugs Kath x
Nice photo, of you looking out to hills..

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Michele! The landscape is so lovely and breathtaking. I can see why you were in awe. And, you are mighty cute, too!

Walks like this really rejuvinate the soul. Thank you for sharing!


ChelleBez said...

HA HA HA! Is that Pickles? I was sitting here looking at your pictures, thinking how beautiful Bath is and how relaxing that must have been... then there is a picture of a plump kitting exposing his belly. It made me laugh.

Hope you have a very merry Christmas!

chickadee said...

lovely photos! what a beautiful walk.