Friday, 22 February 2008

Winner takes all...

On the stroke of eight o' trusty manservant did the honourable task of picking out a winner from all your childhood toy memories... I loved them all and equally loved some of the memories that these toys of yours brought back for me.. especially Britain's Miniature Gardens... Loved loved loved this toy of mine with a passion and maybe this led me to my interest in the real thing.. weeds and all!

Well it is unfortunate that only one of you can be a winner but I am delighted to announce that TRACY at Cupcakes at Home .. will be the recipient of this little bundle of nostalgia..
I will be adding a mystery ingredient to join this collection before it wings it's way to you.
I do hope you enjoy the charm of Mabel Lucie Attwell's illustrations and they will inspire some more fine crafting from you Tracy...Enjoy!!

Well forgive me for being a party pooper... I am off on a frog hunt.. we have installed a pond in our garden and today there were 10 frogs on the terrace looking for a dip in the new lido.. We are off with the torch to catch them frolicking!!

Thank you all for joining in this giveaway...I love to spread a little happiness !



Thanks for putting me out of my misery Michele. Congratulations to Tracy from Cupcakes at Home. I remember seeing a Britain's Miniature Garden on the Antiques Roadshow, it was the first time I had seen one, the detail in the little miniatures was so accurate. How great to have a pond re-installed, your dustbin can have it's lid back! x

Sandra Evertson said...

What a charming photo, love the dolls!
Sandra Evertson

Anonymous said...

Have fun with your frog hunt, one actually landed on my foot yesterday afternoon - the ponds are bubbling with them here at Willow House!

Anonymous said...

Have fun with your frog hunt, one actually landed on my foot yesterday afternoon - the ponds are bubbling with them here at Willow House!

Ragged Roses said...

Congrats to Tracy, I'm sure she's going to enjoy all the treasures. Hope you had fun with those frogs. They make me jump Michele. the cats have brought so many of them into the house that they make me very twitchy!!! A few years back I found three cats sitting in a circle in our basement around a sock. I went to pick up the sock which jumped just as I touched it to reveal a frog hiding beneath it, I don't know who was more afraid!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Oh I'm SOOOO happy for Tracy! I was just at her blog the other day and she's been having a rather sad time lately... I'm sure this will cheer her up!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Frogs! I just read everyone's comments here about frogs! We'll be having them here soon... it's always a sure sign of spring when they arrive. Around here we call them "peepers" because of the sound they make! =)

Country Cottage Chic said...

Congrats to Tracey! :-)

Michele - I would love to get together soon for lunch - the children are back at school next week so let's make a date!

Have added your post to my Teddy Bear Challenge list.


A Saucerful Of Secrets said...

Hi,Congratulations to Tracy,I'm sure she'll love your lovely giveaway.I love your mam's "motley crew", they really do make a home :)
How's your work doing? I feel a tad overwhelmed at the mo, what with having two weeks of half term and a stack to get sorted before May, but I always get twitchy if I can't make as much as I want, saying that, it was lovely having one to one with each of my kids.Hope you are all well there in Bath, Annie x

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Michele, what a great toy collection you have. Well done to Tracy for winning the giveaway. How lovely to have a pond, we don't but still get frogs in the shady bits of the garden. Hope yours settle well into their new home.
Lucy x

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Michele, just for a moment I thought that you were giving them all away -Winner Takes All!!
They are lovely - I wish I still had my Gollie.
Congrats to Tracy - lucky girl.
I have been very busy in the garden and worn myself out totally.
Get my results on Mon and scan on Tues...!
Carol x
PS any news on the baby card?

cd&m said...

Came over from Jayne's Teddy Bear Challenge, you really do have some lovely old toys.

LiLi M. said...

Congrats to Tracy!
We had a frog reallocation last year. We made a new pond and in between we dropped all the frogs with our neighbours. Sometimes you could see a frog jumping at the place where our former pond was. And I wrong? My home was here, wasn't it? After finishing our new pond we let the frogs know that there was a 'general pardon' for each and every frog to come back from his assylum, but a number of them choosed to stay with our neighbours. We'll wait until spring, before we go out frog hunting. In the mean time you can maximalize your technique and give me some good advice! Have a nice week!

bj said...

Congrats to Tracy for the win of your giveaway.
Hope the frog hunt was fun!
hugs, bj

thevintagemagpie said...

OH MY. I love that chair of beautiful toys.. so gorgeous. Well done to Tracy, I am exceedingly jealous! Michele you are a most generous young lady x

Jenn said...

Yay for lucky Tracy!!
love your sweet dolls in the photo:) xoxo..jenn

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Tracy!
Hi Louise,
Your vintage toys are just beautiful i love them all...i am really taken with the little girl vase too, the pictures you had in your bedroom as a child reminded me,i have two in mine now one is a boy the other a girl,i shall have to make a post on them and see if they are what you remember?
I told Steve about your frogs and he said 'we don't have any' much to his surprise this morning we had three in with his precious koi,uh oh trouble brewing here at my end lol,hope you enjoyed your hunt!
Tale care Love Kristina XxX

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi ya Michele! Wow, Tracy scored bit time! Love all of the sweets that will be going to hang out with her. Hope all is well. Oh, and hey, do you have a photo of those metal dishes? Just drop me an email when you can.

love ya,

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aahhh well done to Tracy.
Eeek, a frog hunt, rather you than me ~ the little blighters frighten the life out of me. Well I suppose this is when they just happen to hop unexpectedly at me, but I suppose if I was actually looking for them and could just spy on them then it would be ok (I think)!
love Alison x

Amy said...

Michele, I have visited your bloggy so many times. I was so happy to see your visit to Bath, I just finished reading Jane Austins Memoirs, she goes to Bath, in fact her parents retired there. Well, you took me to somewhere I wondered about. Some day I would love to visit the places that Jane Austin went, she is so precise in her descriptions , I think you could really go and stand where she stood. Did you feel that or am I just crazy? amy

ChelleBez said...

Silly frogs. Do they make frog noises? I would love that part of them. I'm sure Mags would love to play with frogs.

What a wonderful giveaway! I had no idea it would entail such fun toys. What a lucky winner.

Hope all is well.