Friday, 15 February 2008

Gifts Galore ..

Good morning all ..... I hope you had a suitably snuggly and romantic Valentine's Day yesterday and thank you to all of you who sent Valentine messages.. It is always good to hear from you and I very much enjoyed my visits to all of your 'loved' up blogs and the beautiful displays of vintage love tokens.

I have had an eventful week in more ways than one... the good, the bad and the ugly have influenced each day in their own way..

I would like to focus on the good and share the wonderful gifts that have arrived on our doorstep these last few days.

Firstly it was my beloved man's birthday on Tuesday.. he has finally caught up with me age wise but not for long as I will be heading into a new decade (GULP) later this year..
I have been a frequent visitor to Jenn at Noodle and Lou Studio to gaze upon her prolific creations which are all charming and show a huge and original talent..
A while ago now .. I did a swap with Jenn .. I made her one of my box frames for one of her commissioned paintings .. a special personalised picture of my man with his cherished vintage guitars..

Jenn created a perfect painting showing my man holding one of his guitars and considering that she only had an emailed photo to work from she produced a very good likeness.. though he does look a little younger in her portrait.. could this be a new Dorian Gray? It would be such a shame to store it in the attic though!

He was so delighted with his portrait into which Jenn has cleverly incorporated some collaged vintage guitar advertisements..
We have hung it in our study alongside the vintage guitar collection..where it looks very much at home.. Thank you so much Jenn.
If you have not visited Noodle and Lou..please do so.. I am sure you will be just as charmed by her work as I have been.

As some of you may know I was the lucky recipient of Kristina's at Shabbily Ever After, Giveaway this week. I was over the moon to hear that I had won.. my first and hopefully not my last giveaway.
The postman delivered a deliciously pink parcel yesterday and I tore off the outer wrapping in a frenzy of excitement before taking the essential snap.
Underneath the sugar candy pink wrapping was the prettiest and yummiest box and on closer inspection I saw that Kristina had so thoughtfully personalised the box for me with my Cowboys and Custard name.. such a lovely detail!

The fun continued as I untied the polka dot pink ribbon to reveal the goodies inside..and weren't there just! Lots of prettily coordinated gifts.. a rose decorated dish with rosebud studded soap.. already installed in the bathroom. A lovely vintage rose card, a gorgeous little cupcake candle and a dear little quilted bag that will be most useful as a vanity bag.
I felt as though I had a birthday too this week with all these generous gifts..

Thank you so much Kristina for my special treats ... it made my day, my week... definitely the icing on the cake!!!

Now if you have been paying attention.. you will remember that I promised a giveaway this week and you will have noticed also that I have not delivered this promise.... yet!
I am still deciding what to give away and I thought I would put this to the vote..
As I have a passion for childhood ephemera I have a yearning to share this with you and base my giveaway on some vintage childhood items...OR... I can indulge those of you who would like something in the vintage household department...

So please leave any comments to cast your vote on which theme you would prefer for my next giveaway and I will decide tomorrow, Saturday, which it is to be!

Well it is half term next week and there will be an audible sigh in our house when both my boys big and small.. break up from school today... Yeeeeeeehaaaaaa... let the hols begin.
It also means for me, a break from ironing and washing shirts and muddy hockey kit ... oh joy!

Happy Hols to those of you that can indulge in this luxury!


Nonnie said...

The picture is so gorgeous! Definitely looks like your husband! I'm off to have a look at the website for sure. As for the giveaway you received, also totally gorgeous. I've been lucky enough to win twice recently and it really is such a treat to receive gorgeous packages in the post. I think for your give away you should concentrate on the vintage household although I'm sure childhood would be just as lovely.
I'm also lucky enough to be on hols next week(quite by chance as I didn't realise it was half term) and cannot wait for 6 this evening to be free of the office. I blissful week of sewing and Cotswold visiting is ahead of me. Hope your two 'boys' have a lovely week too.

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Michele,
I had a lovel meal cooked by my man and he did not do too mauch damage to the kitchen liek he usually does!
We can Gulp together then! ha ha
Have a great half term with your men.
Much love,
Carol x

Curlew Country said...

Oooh you lucky spud and what an ace picture! I'm voting for childhood ephemera because its not something I see all that often, even if I don't win I'm fascniated to see what will be in your giveaway. Hope the lovely weather reappears for your half-term hols!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Happy birthday to hubby - I can see why he loved the painting - it's wonderful!

Congrats also on winning the giveaway (seems I'll have to start entering again.....I just haven't had the heart to start blogging again just yet but will get around to it soon I hope).

And as for your giveaway - you know I'll vote for childhood ephemera don't you??

It's The Boy's birthday tomorrow - so think of me with a houseful of gangly teenage boys in the afternoon!


sal said...

I love the portrait!Brill!!
Hope your half term is a good one.. Sal;-)

Elizabeth said...

Lovely portrait of your husband, and a lovely giveaway prize for you too. I'd like to vote for childhood ephemera. There's nothing nicer than a little trip down memory lane with items from childhood. Hope you have a lovely half term.

Pretty Practicals said...

Hi Michele, I would suggest a childhood memory giveaway to help us rediscover and celebrate the inner (and perhaps forgotten) child within all of us.
Fab piccy of your man & his guitar, it's lovely. Have a great half term, chat soon, Liz

ChelleBez said...

Wow! what a wonderful week for you! I can imagine how excited you were to get both of those amazing gifts. The painting is so much fun, and the box looks absolultely lovely. I'm envious. :)

I think the giveaway should be vintage household. I think that would be really nice.

I'm glad you had such a lovely week. Its about time things started to get really good, don't you think? :D


bj said...

Oh, I love his painting...just fantastic. And your lovely treasures are just that!
I like the childhood memory theme for your giveaway......I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will win as I NEED something fabulous from Cowboys and
hugs, bj

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

What a wonderful picture of your man and his guitar!!! And a lovely box of treasures you received (with such delightful packaging)!

Our kids have next week off, too. Looks like many of we blog-women will be busy next week! =)

Kari & Kijsa said...

Jenn is so talented- what a wonderful painting! And a fabulous Valentine's Day for you too!!!
ANd...a winner- you lucky gal!!!

kari & kijsa


Hi Michele, the Noodle and Lou is really great and a very good likeness, I am always trying to come up with something original for a special present. For my brother's 40th a few years ago, I had a black & white face caricature drawn, which turned out to be such a good likeness, so much I could see my grandpa in the drawing! Crickey we even get to choose our prize for a giveaway, whatever next, just to put a spanner in the works I vote for either! Lovely giveaway you won, you lucky old thing, better not say old until next year! Enjoy half term with the boys, J has been home with me for the last few days and has been snooping over my shoulder at me on the blogs, don't know if that is a good or bad thing? x

Garden girl said...

Oh what a lovely box of delights you had! So pretty. I hope you enjoy your half term, and have lots of sunshine! Think you should go down the vintage household route, but thats just me!speak soon,x

LiLi M. said...

Hi! Am I still in time to vote? I hope so. If I have to choose it would definitely be childhood ephimera.

I love that painting of your husband. I cannot give an ordeal whether the artist has captured him correctly. I see some shyness, some modesty and I would like to translate a dutch expression, still waters have deep grounds, which means that a silent, modest person is not a shallow person.

Have a nice weekend! L.

Ragged Roses said...

Have a wonderful half term Michele with your boys. Love the painting. A week free of ironing and washing, sounds like a treat! Enjoy it all.
Can I vote for childhood ephemera?

Jenn said...

Hello sweet Michele! I've been sidetracked with sick kids and other yucky stuff and just saw this post! Thank you so much:):) I loved seeing the painting on your blog and reading everyone's sweet comments about it!! You are so delightful and this was such a fun trade!! Big Hugs to special you!


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi ya! Wowzers! What a cool picture of your hubbers. She did a great job on it!

And check you out!!!! You scored big time on the lovely present she sent to you. Darling wrapping and such wonderful treats for a wonderful lady!!!!