Friday, 8 February 2008

Tabbies, Tags & BIG Thank You's ...

I have just had the most wonderful technological break- through thanks to my dear techy support friend Kim who finally supplied the missing part of the jigsaw with my long running 'Linking' problems..
I discovered that Apple Macs have a totally different set-up to editing a blog post than PC's s. It has only taken me 5 months to discover this as I tried in vain with all your helpful advice, to link you to my blog posts.

All good things come to those who wait! Thanks so much Kim...!

I hope wherever you are today that you have enjoyed one of the first days of Spring.... it is springing everywhere today and my garden is emerging from the damp dark winter and showing signs of life.. mostly with frogs leaping out and threatening me with a cardiac everytime I step forward.. I counted eight in the garden just now..
Thank goodness Pickles is not interested in these particular fauna ... they taste funny...however he is rather partial to a spot of bed making.. and likes to join in whenever I change the bedlinen..

this is both very amusing and mildly irritating as he pounces and clings to sheets as I attempt to strip the bed and replace it with crisp pristine linen. Not so pristine.. when my furry little friend has finished with it as he takes up squatters rights and lays claim to his new territory..
If only I could get him to enjoy hoovering as much!!

The sunsets have been amazing here, reflecting off the honey coloured Bath stone houses with a rosy tinted glow.. who needs rose tinted specs?!

A week or so ago I was tagged by a dear friend Becky and I did not fulfill my duties due to a rather hectic time of it all.. last Friday I was tagged by the lovely Ginny and so if you don't mind ladies I will combine tags...
As my day has been somewhat hi-jacked by various chores and tasks I will post this tag tomorrow now as I am rapidly running out of coherent thoughts..

I would like to part on another 'thank you' those of you who read and commented on my last post..I am so glad that you were equally moved & entertained by the Sir Ken speech.. I think he is a genius and he has given me much food for thought this last week.

Enjoy your sunsets wherever you are!


Ragged Roses said...

Hello Michele
A double surprise here, not only do I get to be your first link but I also offer "techy support" which would amuse anybody who knows me in this house!!!! Beautiful photos of Bath, thank you. Have you ever made your bed with Pickles in between the duvet cover and duvet? It's my cats favourite game, they keep really still until I give the duvet a shake!!! Glad to hear Pickles doesn't like the taste of frogs!
Looking forward to reading your link-filled post tomorrow

sal said...

Lovely Michele! We have daffodils and a baby robin in our garden..t'is all very early isn't it?! Sal;-)

Garden girl said...

wow Michele- is that the view from your house? How beautiful! Bath is such a beautiful place...

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Michele
I used to love the Bath sunsets - always that gorgeous pinkish tinge that you never seem to get anywhere else.
The more I see your photos the more I miss our time in the city.
Sue x

Anonymous said...

oh my,all of these british blogs that I keep stumbling upon are making me miss home even more.When I lived in Wiltshire I would often head to Bath on my down time.It is such a relaxing town and so beautiful.I love the shot of the houses.
Btw,reading your title made me really want some birds eye custard with bananas,oh well,my sis is coming out in two weeks,she can bring some along with some rice pudding.!!!
P.s,i found your blog through Asti's blog.I am liking it very much:0)

Anonymous said...

is is universal that ccats like to "help" with making the bed? It is both amusing and annoying.
Kathy b

LiLi M. said...

Hi Michelle!
Actually I think I have to thank you for giving that link to the speech of Sir Ken. I have given the link to my husband and he was as thrilled as I was. Laughing out loud and sometimes writing down quotes like: 'If you're not prepared to be wrong you never come up with something original'.
It was Spring here too!! But I'm so busy with some Valentine gifts for a few ladies from an internetforum which I frequent, that I have spent almost all day at home.
I have seen that you have been busy with your tagging post as I got a message from google reader that you have written a new post. I have a Mac computer as well and sometimes it is not that easy. Especially when something doesn't work and everybody explains what to do in windows :-(
Downloading firefox (its free) has solved a lot of my problems, perhaps it can solve yours too, I hope so! Goodnight! L.

ChelleBez said...

As always, I love the pictures you posted! Pickles makes me laugh. And the picture of Bath took me right back. You really do live in one of the lovliest places in England. I love the architecture so much. Bath in the spring is so lovely too! We were there in April last year and there were flowers everywhere. I loved it.

I thought of something you absolutely have to do since you live in Bath. You have to go to the new bath house that they were still building when I was there last year. Go and indulge for a day and then post about how lovely it was. I think you have earned the treat. :)


bj said...

Love that pic of Bath...beautiful!
Pickles looks to be so much fun!
hugs, bj

Pretty Practicals said...

Hi Michelle, our cats like to help by trying to get the duvet cover off the washing line. There's nothing like a crisp white duvet cover with strategically placed paw prints all along one side of it (obviously this ends up as Dave's side of the duvet).
Bath looks stunning as always, hope the weather is still lovely there next week when I visit it. Chat soon, Liz

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Michele! OMG! Bath is gorgeous and I see what you mean by living on top of a hill. Amazing views you have up there! Fantastic! If I were Pickles, I am afraid you'd have to wrangle me off of the bed - with that view I'd never leave! He is a character and so precious!!! Give him a sugar bear hug from me!


PS: I so enjoyed our chat the other day! Thank you!


More great poses from Pickles, he never fails to make me laugh! So glad you got the blessed links business sorted at last too! x