Thursday, 7 February 2008

My Boys.. My world.

I have toyed with the decision to post photos of my family since I started this blog and I am not 100% certain of my reasons for not doing so up until today..
I often see photographs of Bloggers themselves and their family and friends and loved ones and pets etc and part of me wants so badly to share my 'world' with you ... because primarily I am so proud of my boys and I love them so..
I have read some of your blogs recently that have really touched my heart quite profoundly and I can empathise with the loss that some of you have endured of loved ones..
My loss was all consuming at the time.. when both of my parents died .. I felt marooned and cut adrift from my moorings.. I had no reference point other than the memories of my childhood and the passage into adulthood.. becoming a mother myself at the age of 35 years old was the pinnacle point of my life... as most mother's would agree.
I spent a night apart from my beloved man last night.. and it scared me.. if I had to spend a lifetime apart from him I would be bereft and my life would be diminished... my love for my boys is unconditional.
This applies to Pickles too... he is one hell of a cat and one of a kind!
So here's to my precious family... My boys...I love you!


Nonnie said...

Oh Michele, you've brought a little tear to my eyes. That is such a sweet post. You are very lucky to have three such lovely boys to share your life with. I really do think that Pickles is Smokey's long lost brother!

Katherines Dream said...

Good morning Michele,
All 3 of your boy's are special.
I agree completely with your fear of loss. This is why we should treasure every day with our boy's and not get bogged down with matters out of our control. We are both lucky that we are happy just to be what mothers and partners are supposed to be! You have paid a special tribute to your gorgeous boy's and I am glad that you did decided to share them with us.

Joanna said...

I spent the weekend apart fromK and it makes you think just how much you would miss them, nice to see pictures of your boys, I don't think I have ever posted a picture of K, not sure what he would be as keen as captain rupert to share his photos

OhSoVintage said...

Thankyou for sharing photos of the three precious males in your life. I'm sure they feel the same way about you, and you are truly blessed! Another thing we have in common, Michele - I had my son at 35 too.

asti said...

Hello Micheles boys..Very nice to meet you at last !

LiLi M. said...

I don't know where or when I have discovered your blog but since I have discovered google reader, I'm reading your blog at a regular basis. Your art is everything I love stuck together. With this post you have touched my soul as well. I love how you write about the loves of your life. Its good to read about the most valuable and precious in the world sometimes, thanks!

Alchamillamolly said...

Gorgeous boys - especially the big one!!! Down girl!! - sneaking on to read at work - no broadband for 3 weeks and thats a promise!! anyway no grumbles allowed - you have made all those cards I am so impressed - one good thing about being offline for a while is that you get lots of lovely long blogs to read. Thanks for the info on tracking - I see LA has a new one with passing rings but I think it will ne expensive. Like the sound of your metal one - will check out the site........xx

Ragged Roses said...

Hi Michele
I think your boys will be very moved to read what you have written about them. You are such a lovely bunch and I'm sure they how appreciate how lucky they are to have you as the woman in their lives, yes, even Pickles!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

They look like a couple of sweet loving guys! I have a houseful of those myself :)

ChelleBez said...

What every handsome men! You are truly blessed. I am so glad you decided to share some photos of them. Your comment about conceiving at 35 gives me hope too. I can only imagine how excited you were. You have a beautiful son.

I always love pictures of Pickles too. Especially that last one where he looked like he was laughing. I love kitties.

Thanks for sharing you world. :)


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

What a sweet post! I can see that you love them with all of your heart and soul and you have a precious family!


daffy said...

I think its time you introduced some girl power into your household. Go out and get three girl cats! Pickles won't know what had hit him!
The feelings you described regarding your sad loss were word perfect to how I felt when I lost my mum, I was only 33 (she was only 63) and I was not ready to be left 'unsupervised', my mums hand was one I would still be holding onto now if I could. Memories are our blessing. No doubt you have some wonderful ones to keep your heart warm.
Thank you for sharing.

Michael House said...

What a lovely, moving post.


Jenn said...

Look at those sweet and oh so handsome boys!! This was such a lovely post Michele. Thank you for sharing with us:):) xox...jenn

bj said...

Both your boys are precious and I know they are as proud of you and love you just as much as you love them!
hugs, bj

the flour loft said...

Lovely Lovely post and lovely to meet your precious boys. How precious our families are.. to love so much is fearful but better to love than never to love. We must savour and enjoy each moment of our relationships.
ps. have tagged you .. if you are up for it details on my latest post. x

Garden girl said...

Beautiful post Michele, and photos.

clarabelle said...

Just arrived at your blog from The Flour Loft. Gosh everytime I come on - I seem to find some new world to explore. Love the blog - thanks for sharing.
Stop by sometime...Pickles can meet some new friends too ;)
Have a great weekend

kat said...

hiya michele,it was lovely to see the photos of your boys,thanks for sharing them,luv kat x

SweetAnnee said...

I love all your boys!!
and they'll always be

Pretty Practicals said...

Hooray for the people we love! Your boys (big, small and furry) look lovely.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

What a heartwarming (and a bit heartwrenching) post! Your love for your boys certainly comes through in your blogging... and they are a fine looking bunch! =)

amy said...

such a beautiful post! thanks for sharing.


How lovely to see your hidden treasures unearthed at last. I can see you very much in your son Michele. x