Thursday, 27 November 2008

Cowboys & Custard Christmas Bazaar

Try saying that after a few glasses of mulled wine...!
It would sound more like Crowbars and Crusty kissmas bizarre...

A certain amount of calm has filled the Custard household since the festive frenzy of the fair last weekend..until BAM!!!! hit me like a train... CHRISTMAS.. is looming and I have hardly given it a second thought let alone a first..
So with a rising panic and a hurried list of non inspired pressies.. I hit town this morning to elbow my way through the coach loads that descend on Bath at this time of year... to make for the Christmas Market. Somehow I managed to miss..or was it avoid this last year due to a nasty bug that was doing the rounds.
I felt that I should prepare for this foray into town by wearing my son's rugby kit, shin pads, groin guard and fetching gum guard..but it was hardly necessary as I seemed to be one of few who had descended on Abbey Churchyard in Bath to attend the annual Christmas market...
Not a scrum in sight.... but lots of lovely little cabin style stalls.. selling everything from buttons to bows and lots more....
I tend to find that I don't venture too far these days to do my Christmas shopping.. I much prefer the comfort of my armchair to browse the Internet and to search for the weird and wonderful or downright obscure presents for my family and friends...
SO with this in mind.. I thought I would bring you a little home shopping.. and as Cowboys & Custard is primed with stock for the season.. I am offering the blogging folk.. some of my handmade greeting cards and more...
First off the shelf is this genuine vintage little Bambi lookalike...
He is made of vinyl plastic, stands 4½ " tall and is sporting a jaunty little bell around his neck..
I have two of these for sale at £5 each inc postage and packing..            * 3 Sold.. thank You!      Also on the shelf are these 60's vintage brooch pins.. measuring ½" tall.. There is a cat and mouse, ladybird and puppy dog .. each mounted on a vintage game card.
These are all £3.00 each including postage and per cardNext up I have a large variety of pocket mirrors.. there are vintage Noddy, 30's hat ladies, Scottie dogs...little girl with blue bow etc... Price £3.50 inc postage and packing..I have lots of the Noddy mirrors which are all one- offs so I can't guarantee which image you will receive..All of the mirror designs can be bought as magnets.... £3.00 inc postage and packing..
There are three 30's Hat lady mirrors or magnets designs.. please specify choice .. Blue Ribbon, Pink Hat.. Feather headdress...
Lastly I have a selection of my badge greeting cards.. These all come with a detachable badge to wear with pride!!!
Each card is supplied with a high quality envelope and comes in a cello bag..
1. Let it snow... Wistful snowman on pale grey snowflake background..£3.00 inc postage
2. Christmas Fairy.. £3.00 inc postage
3. Christmas Star... £3.00 inc postage4. Snowflake snowman £3.00 inc postage
5. Santa Baby... £3.00 inc postage
Before I leave you to empty your piggy banks... I would like to share my latest card designs with you..
These are £2.50 inc postage..
Snip snip snap.. with mother of pearl buttonFlowers need care.. with lucite flower.. while stocks last..
Come to tea with little silver spoon.. real plastic!

And I promise this is the last...
A friend to Flowers.. with wooden ladybird..
If you are tempted by any of these.. please email me!

Now.. back to the grotto for more packing!


LiLi M. said...

Hello Michèle,
It has been so much fun to see all those lovely comments and posts on the fair this week, I think you (and Jane) should be proud. And you can be proud of your stock of lovely Christmas presents as well. Good luck on sales!

Sal said...

I'm glad that the Bath Christmas market wasn't a scrum.
I went to a similar one in Lincoln, a couple of years ago..and it was just that!
I was really disappointed as it was more like a glorified boot sale!!
I love all your 'wares'! ;-)

BusyLizzie said...

Gorgeous goodies! Well done Michele for getting so organised, now I batter give it all some thought before i lose the plot totally!
Lizzie xx

April said...

I love your new designs, you are so talented!

April xx

Carol said...

Good morning Michele, I have not been to many Christams Markets, they look very interesting. I am pleased you are chilling out even if it is a only a little, how is that head?
All your wares look very scrummy to me, I could spend for England if I am not careful.
Speak soon,
Big big hug coming your way...can you feel it!
Carol xx

cocoa and blankets said...

Hi Michelle, I am at work so cant email, just post, Polly collects badges, do you have any which are not on cards??/ I would also like a I have forgotten which you take paypal? Will email H

Country Cottage Chic said...

Lovely scrummy things as usual! I see a few things that I must have!

I hope to make it to the Christmas market sometime before it ends.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Michele - I haven't made it to the Christmas Market yet...hope to next week...
I'm very surprised that it was so quiet when you visited, maybe that's because all the customers had done their shopping at the V&H fair this year?!!! ;-))

Good luck with sales - lovely new designs.
Niki x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh I do love Christmas markets!
Loving all your goodies.

The Whispering Poppies said...

What a sight to see! Bath at Christmastime (...heavy sigh...). Some day I am going to get out my photo albums and scan all the pics and put them on my blog and tell everyone I just came back from another trip to England! lol (We last went at Christmastime.)

Your treasures are so sweet!

Ragged Roses said...

Ho ho ho Mrs Custard, have you taken off that groin guard? I've been allowed near the computer for five minutes and hastened over here to view your grotto, too good an offer to miss!!! Beautiful goodies, Miss Roses has her eye on a reindeer, we shall see how her craft ventures go first. Back to the sewing machine for me and into the grotto with you my dear

This Vintage Life... said...

Lovely, lovely things Michele. I'm particularly smitten with Noddy, that really brings back some fond memories. I still have a few of my Noddy books somewhere.
Your Christmas market looks like a pleasant experience...unlike Lincoln. Beautiful location..soooo many people!
Deb x

jane and the happy crow said...

Hi Michele, Just like to say a big thankyou for the fair last weekend. I have only just got back from my travels so have had no chance to blog and post all week!!! I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the fair and wish I had had loads of money to spend. Thankyou for the swap, Im sure I came out better than you did from that. I will be posting about a lovely new edition to the furniture tomorrow, its arriving today and I will play with all the stuff to go on it and take pics to show you. Love your idea of a on line christmas bazaar, Lots of love Jane xx

PS dont forget if you and Mr Custard (what a sweety) ever come this way so visit.

KWON said...

Hi Michelle
I have a note from my mother excusing me from any form of Christmas shopping
And in the best traditions of the England rugby team I avoid scrums at all costs - boo hoo
Your crafts are charming and unikew (or is it unique) as ever

Ziakoko said...

I love the look of those cabins- I'm trying to think of something usual for a portable type shop- apparently my hubby says Artisan Shephard huts are too expensive! Missed the v&h fair clashed with some tickets said hubby bought, he keeps spoiling my plans!
ps- saw you in Country living-well done!

Redwoodhouse said...

Hi Michele I must try to make the Christmas Market I bet it will be a scrum when I go!!!
I hope you have got over the fair by now, straight into Christmas I suppose.
I love your new cards they are so unusual...

Josie-Mary said...

Thanks for sorting my little deer... after the weekend I've had I think I should have a little treat!!!How long is the Christmas market on for??? I love like to visit. I'm hoping to go to Totnes market next week :)

The White Bench said...

Hello Michele!
Thanks for sharing Bath Christmas Market- I wish I could come there for a visit! It has been in my Christmas wish list thus far!
... And your designs are lovely!

I'm new to Blogger, please pop in when you have some time.

Warmest wishes,


Margie said...

Michele, that market sounded divine and what wonderful items you have on your post, that little Bambi is so cute.I have linked you on Margie's Crafts. hugs Margie.