Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Not even a mouse....

Well... not a whole one.
After deciding it was high time I started to inject some Christmas sparkle into this week, with time running out, I decorated the tree with a little help from the tabby terror who insisted on placing the decorations elsewhere.. ie.. on the ground!
With the tree finally decorated and remaining upright.. despite the attempts of Sir Edmund Hilary aka Pickles the cat... to climb it and usurp the Christmas fairy .. I stood back.. and began to feel ever so slightly Christmassy. I always think of one of my favourite films at this time of year.. The Grinch who Stole Christmas.. when his tiny heart starts to flicker and twitch into life.. so did my Christmas spirit after decorating the tree.

All that remains to be done is a date with the Sellotape and wrapping paper, some pressies to wrap, aided by a few glasses of Sloe gin.. home made of course. Kirstie would be proud!
Pickles has already placed his gift to us under the tree.. discovered this morning .. not gift wrapped but perfectly placed amongst the gifts already there. One half chewed mouse! Nice!
Not one I can take back after Christmas to exchange for a whole one!
On that rather gruesome note.. may I wish you all.. a truly happy and peaceful Christmas with lots of happy days to come in 2012.
See you on the other side!
Michele xx


Hesta Nesta said...

Hi Michele
Your tree looks lovely and I like the sound of the Sloe Gin. I am in the midst of tidying up ready for the family onslaught tomorrow!! I loved your piece in H&A about your toys and their new attire and being impressed with Santa's knitting skills, it was so lovely. Have a wonderful Christmas and New year.
Jo, Andy, Louis & The Pugs xxx

Amanda said...

A lovely festive post, apart from the half chewed mouse, eek! Your tree looks wonderful. Have a great christmas.

brocobelle said...

Here's hoping I can travel back West in 2012 to visit one of your wonderful fairs. Love reading the blog, cheers, Karen

jane and the happy crow said...

Which half? Pickles was probably very restrained and left you the best bit! Happy happy Christmas, I will ring you soon, been meaning to for about three weeks. Lots of love Jane xxxx

Frances said...

Michele, this post is so full of all sorts of Christmas spirit. You describe the wishes and the reality and then get on back to the wishes!

All the photos are wonderful.

My apartment is way too small for a tree (I know, because in past years I tried.) So I have a big arrangement of holly and cedar, and eventually will get out some of my collection of glass ornaments.

Meanwhile, until late on Christmas Eve, I will be spending time at the shop, helping others folks, aka customers, make their gift selections for their loved ones.

All part of this glorious time of the year. xo

jen storer said...

Happy Merriness and Yuletide thingamyjigs Michele. Lovely Christmassy post. Have a great new year! jxx

BusyLizzie said...

Lovely, your tree looks fab.. one of my cats left me a delightful regurgitated fur ball yesterday morning.. very festive! (not) Have a fab Christmas. Lizzie & the lads xxxx

Ragged Roses said...

I hope that is all calm and no mouse is stirring in your house! Pickles hopefully will have his glut of turkey tomorrow and will not need to bring you anymore pressies. Lots of love for a wonderful Christmas from all us Roses by the sea
Milly x

Rosie said...

Hope you have a lovely Christmas x

Louise said...

Thanks so much Michele for the sweet 'snow-baby' Xmas card, and for taking the time to catch up. I daresay Pickles will relish the idea of taking the Xmas tree down, baubles 'n all! x

Anonymous said...

Mr Pickles seems like a long-lost relative for my Izzie. She is Trouble. If my thread spools or earrings are missing or I hear a loud CRASH in the night, Izzie is the one behind it.
She is a foundling from east of here. Lost kittens quickly become the victims of coyotes if not rescued promptly. I'm glad to have her. Thanks for your visit.

Garden Girl said...

was it the front or back half?! Hope you're well my lovely xx