Friday, 13 March 2009

In London's Fair city....

Yesterday was a landmark day for me..

The anticipation of it had me in a state of flux for several days as it has been many, many moons since I embarked on a journey to the big smoke let alone a walk to the end of my own small city.. so I felt a little like Paddington bear.. needing a case of marmalade sandwiches and a big label tied around my neck in case I lost my way... It was to Paddington station that I was heading on the first leg of my epic outing.. as I had arranged to meet my dear friend Sal who would hold my hand and lead me to the place where nerves quicken and purses empty in equal measures..
Enough of this cryptic talk.... we were off to the fair.. the bright lights, lurid colours and predominantly female mecca of the Country Living Fair..
It must be a good 14 years since I last visited.. and my memories of the event were ones of great fun and a rather depleted bank account by the end of the day...
Sal and I hastily made our way to the Business Design Centre in Islington and were soon shuffling along with the throng.. my head on a swivel .. scanning each stall for anything that 'spoke' to me.... and there were many things that 'spoke' to me... but not necessarily in the right way!
I did however find a few treasures that I simply couldn't resist and swooped on these when I saw them...... it was love at first sight! Just as I was tearing myself away from this particular stall.. Acorn & Will..I heard this little chap whisper in my ear.."buy me" and like a smitten woman.. I did!!
Sal and I did the rounds.. twice ... and soaked up the atmosphere which was liberally draped in bunting and Union Jacks.... lots of it!
I also managed a brief hello with my friend Dee Puddy who has a stand there... Dee had a clutch of my Noddy magnets and mirrors and I was delighted to see that they were selling like hot cakes... Who can resist Noddy! If you are yet to visit the fair.. then go and say hello to Dee.. she is a lovely lady and has some scrumptious goods for sale..
These two little four legged friends very nearly came home with me.. I couldn't bear to split them up and couldn't afford both so they were left behind..
This fine hound also captured my heart... but he was well out of reach.. in more ways than one!I think this was possibly one of my favourite stalls... It was beautifully displayed and everything was most covetable!I did however resist..There was one moment in the day that left me dumbstruck.... on asking the lass who owned the stall below..if I could take a photo for my blog.. she said.."are you Michele?" ... how could she to know who I was..? "I have read your blog" she said.... I was amazed.... and just for a nano second.. felt like a celebrity.After a reviving bite to eat we then limped back to Paddington to catch our respective carriages home.. whereupon I found mine had been cancelled.. so I spent an hour people watching and hopping from one leg to another waiting for the next train to come in.
It was a grand day out and such a treat to meet up with Sal....though I am not sure I am cut out to be a city slicker... I was exhausted by my adventure and fell in to bed, dreaming of Union Jacks, Yorkshire tea, bunting and blue bunnies.


Sal said...

How did you have the energy to write all of that? ;-)
I must admit that although I was glad to get home,I woke up wishing that I could have another visit today!! It whizzed by all too quickly.
Anyway..lovely to meet up with you again..and where shall we go next?

Country Cottage Chic said...

Whew! I'm doing it all tomorrow - looks like a very grand day out. Love the goodies you bought but I'm glad you left some behind for me!

Anonymous said...

If I can't be there, I do at least have your beautiful description. I felt the thrill of the hunt right along with you. Too funny, you didn't realize your celebrity status.You even have a fan base across the pond :)

silverpebble said...

Ooh I'm rather envious - what gorgeous looking treasures you saw and brought home. It looks very lovely. Hopefully one day soon I might have a day out in the smoke like this - the local junk barn will do for now though. Have a lovely weekend. Emma x

Simone said...

I went today and didn't see all the things that you and Sal saw! I get claustrophobic so as soon as a crowd gathers around a stall I have to break free! I wish we could see all the stalls on a blog beforehand so we could decide which ones to fight through the crowds to!!!

whitney-anne said...

oh what lovely vicarious pleasure to read about your trip. Stuck down here in the west country, London seems such a long way away!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh I'm green with envy!
I was actually going to go this year but then for some reason time got away from me as ususal and I never got around to planning my trip there!
Everything looks sooooo amazing, thank you so much for taking us all along.

Flossie and Tom said...

Looks fabulous - I am definately going to try and get there next year

Thanks for sharing


Anonymous said...

What fun... and especially to go up with Sal.
I love the dog on wheels ... we have a Dobbin on wheels which was Rods as a child.
Lovely photos... would love to go again sometime... but enjoying your write ups is the second best thing.
with love
Ginny x

LiLi M. said...

What a fun trip! I wish I would go. I bet the little bunny is very happy that you bought him. Have a nice weekend.

carolyn said...

Oh dear now I want those dogs, aren;t they gorgeous!

cocoa and blankets said...

I loved your account of the country living air, I have always always wanted to go but never dared to go to London...besides I am at work...maybe I will go to the Glasgow seems less daunting...I hate London its so scary and fast...your pictures are lovely...I love the little dogs...nice to hear from you...H

prettyshabby said...

oh how lovely! you swooped on all the kind of stores i would have liked! Those picture blocks are just gorgeous! x

Rubys mamma x said...

Thanks so much for all the lovely pics michelle, i dont feel so sad that i couldnt go now, i think they call it -Insufficient remuneration -no dosh!
Sadly this year finances couldnt stretch that far but ive loved seeing all the stalls theyre all fab arent they! And, the lovely dee lives in my village, love all that she sells(how weird is that!)
Blogging is obviously massive as i think hen said someone recognised her there too!
Love kirsty x

OhSoVintage said...

What a lovely day. I went about 3 years ago and loved it (apart from the crowds and hardly being able to move from stand to stand). So many nice things to buy. How did you resist those two doggies. I hope they have found a new home...together.

Dana and Daisy said...

I usually try to be very nice, but today I just have to stomp my foot and say, "No fair! You have all the good toys!"

Primchick said...

Oooo... wasn't it fab..? I went on Wednesday... seems the world was there...too
How ever did you manage to take photo's? I didn't think you were allowed?
I bought from Dee, too love, the she sells... see you next year then..?

Lace hearts said...

What a wonderful post, and I love the pictures. Thank you for that fix! x

Shabby Chick said...

Gorgeous pictures! I am so grateful to everyone posting about the CL fair as I didn't get to go. Maybe next year! Must be weird being recognised, I think Hen was too. I think I would find it a bit odd coming face to face with someone who "knows" me when I don't know them!

Mel xxx

PS well done on the sales :)

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Bonsoir Michele,

What a great day out. I didn't go this year. The stalls look beautifully displayed. I have a friend exhibiting there at the moment 'Merrywood' selling natural handmade soaps. It is so hard not to over spend when you go there. I love the variety of unusual things you find at such fairs. The blocks and book on the first picture were meant for you!
Have a great week.
Isabelle x

Claire said...

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Happy @/*-*\@ said...

I gave it a miss this year...what with my move - I have enough stuff to fill 'The Design Centre' twice over! hehehe! P'haps I should have a stall next time!

Thanks for these pictures honey! It made me feel like I have been there anyway...Loving your blog :)

Love Happy xx

lisamainz said...

Oh my I am so green with envy wish I was there looking at it all.... I love London and everything about it.. what fun xxxx

Rosie said...

Love the bunny!
Rosie x

claire said...

I went on friday and bought some Noddy badges from Dee! i loved everything on her stand!

There was some lovely stuff there wasn't there?
Sadly not enough pennies to buy it all.

I was exhausted too!

Twinkle Pink said...

thank you for taking us on your trip around the country living fair, I too have not been for a few years and would have liked to have had a good look at some of those stalls.

thanks for sharing

Ziakoko said...

I had tickets but instead developed a dealy stomach virus and was put to bed by my mother,who caught me climbing out the window several times in pink pyjamas, glad you had fun I thought you'd have a stall by now!

Libby Buttons said...

Oh colour me JEALOUS ! Oh what divinity you lucky girl. So happy you had a fabulous day.

vanessa said...

I had no idea the country living fair was so wonderful! I can't belive what I've been missing out on! But then again, maybe I've saved myself loads of money over the years!
I feel like I've been window shopping now, very enjoyable experience, thank you.