Monday, 21 July 2008

Seasonal disorder...

There can't be many of you.. no make that 'any' of you that find yourself singing.. "I am dreaming of a white Christmas".. in the bath in mid -July !
Since my last post about the Blogger's event that Jayne and I are putting together in November.. I have become obsessed, to put it mildly, with matters festive and Christmassy..
There is much to be done between now and then and ideas are clamouring for my attention and head space, as to what I need to make and do before the much anticipated date!
I don't wish to become a bore about this event as I know that some of you can't come because of commitments or the distance involved or just simply because it isn't your cup of tea.. but now the cogs have started whirring and preparations are well under way for our inaugural Blogger's Vintage & Handmade Fair ©.. it is very hard to think of anything else at the moment..
Gingerbread men are competing with handmade bunting in my mind .. causing me a few sleep problems and some very 'interesting' dreams when I do finally nod off.

I thought you might like to know who is definitely coming to the Blogger's Vintage & Handmade Fair © on 22nd November.. so here is the roll call..

  • We still have spaces for more stall holders so if you have something vintage or handmade to sell and fancy a day out with fellow bloggers then please sign up by contacting either Jayne or myself.

There promises to be a wonderful selection of both Vintage and unique Handmade items for sale from vintage Kitchenalia to unique felt crafted cupcakes and felted wall hangings, Linen embroidered hearts to vintage toys and ephemera and lots ,lots more... so a perfect place to find something original for Auntie Mabel's Christmas present or much more likely .. your own!
Not forgetting.... of course...that it will be the first time that all these bloggers have met up and can you imagine the chat that will evolve..over a cup of tea and some very fine homemade cakes

Please come if you can and PLEASE spread the word... it is open to all visitors with free admission .

Right that's that.... I am off to make Christmas cards now... only 156 shopping days to Christmas you know... groan!


LOUISE said...

That line-up is a class act, your blogger's event is going to be fantastic. If I was local I would ask to be in charge of tea and cakes! x

Ragged Roses said...

What a wonderful collection of bloggers you've got there Michele, Father Christmas will be very proud of you, all those wonderful pressie buying opportunities will certainly take the burden off of him. The sun is shining gloriously this morning hope it is there and that Rudolph and Santa's little helpers allow you a chance to enjoy the summer.
Love love love the Christmas frame you made

carolyn said...

156 shopping days - oh you are so naughty for reminding me!
This event sounds wonderful, if only we weren't so far away.....
"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas"

Curlew Country said...

Ha ha! - you won't believe this Michele but I have been buying Christmas interiors books on ebay and vintage postcards already - and I don't even have the crafting excuse to fall back on!

The dreary weather last week made me feel very autumnal and that makes Christmas preparations thoughts pop into my head! I can't help it although now the sun is here again I'm keeping myself in check.

Good luck with the card making, they look fabulous.

April said...

I so wish i could come but it is just too far away!!!

I must confess i am thinking Christmas cards too!

April xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Ooh the new Christmas box looks wonderful. You really must get those gingerbread men & reindeer under control in your dreams or you'll have bags under your eyes by the fair!

I can't wait to see all the wonderful things everyone brings along.


Sal said...

I love your 'Christmas' box frame!
It will be a wonderful event!

LiLi M. said...

Haha!! I signed up for the Sweet and Sinister (Halloween) swap. So I spent my weekend looking for inspiration for that as we don't celebrate Halloween over here. Well the only thing all hallowish or all saintish is perhaps that some people are going to the graveyard with flowers or plants for their beloved ones that have passed away. So I couldn't sing a song!

Have fun preparing for this event!

Garden Girl said...

such a lovely thing of you guys to organise such an event! I can empathise with the lying awake thinking of ideas thread, as well! I am going to have a word with my partner in crime and come a-visiting if I can-shall I bring a tea urn?!
Lovely crimbo card
where's my suntan lotion... x

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

Hi, you know every time I read about your fantastic event I wonder how much flights to the UK would be at that time of the year because it sounds so wonderful, so envious!! Never say never I suppose, and so keep telling us about it, I like to feel involved! Have a great christmasy day, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage

JuicyFig said...

well, you don't seam to be toooo excited! lol

you cannot do without sleep until the fair you know!

may I suggest 'youtube'-ing 'the goodies' father christmas do not touch me - the funniest christmas song EVER!


lavenderhouse said...


I would love to have a table. I look forward to meeting some great bloggers and buying some Christmas presents.

Love Emma xx

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Michele,
Wishing you lots of luck - I know you will make it a great success. Have lots of fun meeting all those Bloggy ladies too!

Now why am I humming 'White Christmas' ?!.......

Niki x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Michele

Thanks for your lovely comments! My elixir was G&T until I had that virus which seems to have changed my taste buds and it's now a blast from my past and is bacardi & coke!!

Seriously, by the time I get home from DH and have done what I need to do, sitting in front of the computer for a while is good relaxation. I think it must also help me cope with what must be withdrawal symptoms after having worked at either a typewriter or a computer for nigh on 40 years. Aaargh ... I suddenly feel ancient!

Of course, the fact that there are only the 2 of us at home, and P doesn't have to race off to work every morning probably allows me more time to do what I feel like doing (although if I don't disappear now I'll be late for DH)!

Sue xx