Saturday, 12 May 2012

Ten Tors 2012

If today was not an endless highway,
If tonight was not a crooked trail,
If tomorrow wasn't such a long time,
Then Ten Tors  would mean nothing to me at all.

At 7.00 a.m this morning, approximately 2,400 teenagers set off across Dartmoor in teams of 6, to walk 35, 45 and 55 miles over the next 32 hours for the Ten Tors Challenge. My son is one of them!  After months of training in all weathers, the gods of Devon are smiling down on the participants today as the skies have changed from every shade of grey, to skies of blue, for this weekend's epic challenge. Tomorrow I will be waiting at the finish line for my boy and his team to stagger home and collect their well earned medals. I will be clutching a hankie and trying very hard not to cry with pride and embarrass my boy, who will have walked an incredible 55 miles over some very challenging terrain, up to ten tors and camped out in the wilds to achieve his goal.


The Krafty Cupcake said...

What a great day for a walk (albeit a very very long one) Well done to your son and all the other youngsters for taking part. Sue x

VintageVicki said...

Good luck to him and all those taking part. I hope the weather remains good for them and they return tomorrow tired but muddy & happy :) xxx

fee @ chipper nelly said...

My #1 has spoken to me with unbelieeeeeevable derision this morning - I should have packed him off too! He added something quite brilliant about 'why would he ever take advice from some 40 year old who listens to radio 4'?
love it...bring on the teenagers!!!
Happy days
fee x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Good luck H!

thriftwood said...

Wow that will be a great achievement! Locally a 40 mile walk takes place today, and my son completed that a few years ago. Enjoy your weekend, and hope all goes well, Claire xxx

Frances said...

Oh, that is quite a challenge. I also hope that the weather will continue to favor the intrepid walkers.

Do have that hankie at the ready when you welcome your son. xo

KC'sCourt! said...

Hope the weather reamins nice for them.
Julie xxxxxxxx

Maria said...

Wow how inspiring! Soo well done to your boy! Hapy Sunday! xx

Janey said...

40 years ago today I took part in the Ten Tors expedition. For me it was a life changing experience and I attribute my successes and ability to overcome lifes difficulties to the challenge of Ten Tors. I have much affection for the staff of Trowbidge college who made this possible all those years ago particularly the late Alan Clarke who was truly inspiring

Janey said...

I completed the Ten Tors expedition 40 years ago this year. I have always attributed my successes and ability to overcome difficulties in life to this life changing expereince. I have great affection for the staff at Trowbridge College who provided the opportunity for my life long friends and I to take part particularly the late great Alan Clarke who believed in us.
Congratulations to all participates of the 2012 Ten Tors you will not regret it
Janey x