Thursday, 7 April 2011

Moveable Beasts..

Goodness me what is going on? No blog posts for weeks then four in a row.. much like buses really.
It has been a wonderful week so far and hopefully the best is yet to come with two days to go before our Spring Vintage & Handmade Fair..
Check list is at the ready.. now all I have to do is persuade my menagerie of bunnies, cats and assorted dogs to jump into a box to take to the fair..

Hope to see you there!!


Mary Jane's Tearoom said...

Have a lovely day at the the photograph!
Susan x

June said...

Good morning! I bought House Beautiful as past of my shopping yesterday and saw the photos of your home - wonderful!
Love that little Easter bunny!
Have fun at the fair!

Frances said...

Oh I do like the looks of that bunny on wheels! How I wish I could attend the Fair. If you keep on organizing them, perhaps I will visit one when I eventually get back over to the UK.


Hen said...

What a fab bunny, I have discovered a serious weakness for vintage toys. Can't wait to see you and your goodies, Michele. Burning the midnight oil here!
Hen x

Jenny said...

So cute, love your bunny! x

Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

Lovely photo!

Sarah said...

Looking forward to splashing the cash tomorrow! and yes, I'll certainly pop by and say hello. I'll be the one with 3 males trailing behind me!!