Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Iced Gems

Yesterday the haw frost arrived in all of it's shimmering, stunning beauty.. so looking much like the Michelin Man.. I ventured out in my lagging and managed a few shaky shots of my local neighbourhood ...

It was a truly magical sight to look up at the majestic trees behind our house .. all cloaked in a brilliant white icicles that gently rained down like glitter onto my nose as I walked underneath their frosted canopy..

There is something so starkly beautiful about a winter landscape, the way the light is softened and muted in these extreme temperatures.. and never more so than this morning as the weak sun broke through and cast a silvery light across the fields on the opposite hill ..

The mercurial colours reminded me of an eighteenth century landscape painting faded by time..

However much I love and admire this extraordinary season.. it is the wildlife and the homeless I think of when I snuggle down under my warm duvet at night. So please spare a thought for our feathered friends and keep your bird table topped up over these winter months..

I, however.. can return to a warm home to take comfort from small things.. and particularly my free copy of Country Living Magazine which arrived with a thump on the mat this morning...

If your feline friends are partial to 'Sheba' cat food then you will be able to collect two tokens to subscribe to two free months of magazines of your choice.. and as these glossy pages have become a bit of a luxury for me this year.. I was so pleased to receive my copy pro gratis.
It was another magazine that caught my attention recently when I was asked if I would like to loan my home for a photo shoot for a local publishing house. The magazine is 'Cross Stitcher' a popular publication for nimble fingered folk who like to cross stitch amongst other needlework projects. ..

Having spent a frenzied week, chasing dust, moving clutter from one room to another and persuading cupboards to accommodate yet more tat.. the day of the shoot arrived and the friendly team of 5 set to work immediately setting up shots for a magazine feature to be published next Spring. It did somewhat amuse me that within five minutes of their arrival.. my spick and span home was totally re-arranged and filled with boxes of props and camera equipment ..

I kept a low profile and spent the day knitting myself a scarf.. whilst pondering what they were up to in my kitchen. I did venture down now and again to grab a biscuit and have a sneaky peep at their work...

This shoot was all thanks to the lovely Nicky Owen who I had the pleasure of welcoming to my home in May this year for another shoot along with the charming David Parmiter photographer. Nicky has an exciting and enviable business finding location homes for television and media editorials.. so if you think your palace or humble abode would look good between the pages of your favourite national magazines, then I am sure that White Rabbit Media Ltd would love to hear from you.


A Bun Can Dance said...

hello Michele
Wasn't the frost a beautiful sight? Though I am relieved for the wildlife and homeless that today is much milder and the frost has melted away. I can't even begin to imagine the horror of being homeless in the extreme cold we've had.
Good for you for having your home used as a location. Nicky contacted me earlier in the year, but I chickened out as I very much doubt my home is lovely enough for a magazine!!
Stay warm and cosy and keep knitting!
Denise x

Ragged Roses said...

Dottie it all looks so magical... the perfect backdrop to the festive season. Keep warm and enjoy your Sheba

Rosie said...

Oh how exciting for you, and your pictures of your frosty snowy area look beautiful.x

Vintage Tea Time said...

Lovely, atmospheric frosty photos. Everything looks so magical at the moment. Our last home was used as a photo shoot in a very glossy Japanese magazine - it was half-timbered / huge garden / mountain views - they were beside themselves!!

Corinne Phillips said...

I have to agree everywhere LOOKS extremely pretty at the moment. My little car is not liking the weather at all and has decided to go on strike so I am on the bus ... but it does mean I can take in the lovely views as we travel - rather than only focus on the road! xx

hensteeth said...

Oh, how beautiful Bath looks covered in sparkly frost. As if it isn't beautiful enough!

I would have put whiskey in that coffee! Purely medicinal, of course.

Your home Michele, your home is so very lovely. x

Frances said...

What a beautifully wintry post this is!

The frosty trees above your home are indeed magical, and I would take lots and lots of photos if that were the view near me.

And on the topic of views nearby, how lovely to have your home used for a photo shoot. Well worth staying out the the way with knitting in hand.

Please do let us know when the magazine issue is going on sale!


Anonymous said...

wow what breath taking photos you sure do have a wonderful view .
Cant wait to see the photos from the photo shoot
xx fee

Jessica said...

It looks just gorgeous! It makes me wish it snows where I live :)

Amy said...

love the pic of the chimneys/birds x

jane and the happy crow said...

What lovely photos, especially the one of the house with the trees in front and behind, even the air looks frozen. I am sorry I did not make it to the fair, but weighing up the weather and the petrol cost I decided against the journey. Have looked at all the blogs and a good time was obviously had by all. I had a look on Nikis site and there we are! What is the code for your house? Speak to you soon, Jane xx

BusyLizzie said...

thank you for your bloggie comment, it is a stunning little gem. worth a snoop if you are in the area! (once you have been here for a cuppa!!) xx

June said...

Dear Michelle,
Thanks for dropping by my blog. The book is lovely isn't it. I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it and the fact that all the pop ups are intact is brilliant.
Just come back from the Pantomine - it was -6.5 although we only have a dusting of snow - roads were treacherous though due to the ice.

Serendipitychild said...

Wow, such beautiful photos.