Thursday, 17 December 2009

Happy Kitschmas

For those of you living in the east of England, you will have been blessed with a blanket of snow today.. and there is plenty more on the way .. but not for us in the balmy west ..alas.
What is it about snow that brings out the romance in the soul? I LOVE the stuff.. the fluffy flakes, the muffled world it creates.. and the clean white-washed world it leaves behind.
This was our hill last year.. more of a ski slope..

I have had to content myself with making my own winter wonderland, and this one won't thaw out until Twelfth night, when the kitschy collection will be packed away in tissue paper for another year..I can't help but think of our favourite Christmas film, the totally kitschy film.. The Grinch..there is a certain influence..methinks with the plastic reindeer and forest of trees..

So much nicer without Jim Carrey appearing amongst the collection .. don't you think ! ?
Well.. we are not exactly ready for the Christmas kick off next week..slowly but surely.. we are getting there. The marauding Master & Mr Custard, have yet to discover my secret cache of Christmas chocolate reindeer, snowmen and gold coins. Presents have been ferreted away in various corners of the house, even I will have problems finding them due to a defective memory.
Christmas cards have been made (since July) and almost all posted. Tree has been decorated, with the help of Santa's little helper..who was in serious jeopardy of being packed and posted to the first buyer, after sabotaging the lower rung of decs on the tree.

The Christmas day menu has been planned with military precision.. and whilst I am getting ding dong merrily on high...with a glass of fizz.. Mr Custard will be preparing a boeuf en croute for our din dins..The obligatory turkey and brussel sprouts will put in an appearance on Boxing Day when we visit family.
We might well be joined by our new visitor who turned up for breakfast the other day.. much to my utter delight and surprise..

He was too busy snuffling some fallen apples in the garden to notice me standing on tiptoes with my camera precariously perched on the bathroom window frame, snapping as many photos as I could take without scaring him away.. or dropping the camera on the terrace below.

Such a handsome beast and one I hope will return another day for more scrumping..
I must away now.. still ploughing through my Christmas card list.. and time is rapidly running out..
Hope you are all keeping warm and toasty.. and not getting too frazzled by the run up to the festive season...
A bientot x


Hen said...

Hi Michele,
Your mantelpiece looks gorgeous. I wouldn't mind opening a parcel to find that lovely furry friend! We have a couple of foxes in the back gardens here. I felt so sorry for them, they were huddled up with snow coming down on them yesterday. They do have a shed to retreat to though which they duly did. I think I will give them their favourite - honey sandwiches - to keep them going.
Hen xxx

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Snow covered England... so romantic! Your photo is beautiful. And your Christmas meal sounds scrumptious. I hope you and your family have a Wonderful Christmas and a Joyous New Year!

Mlle Paradis said...

Your fox pictures are truly gorgeous. My mother in law has had some showing up in her garden too. With any luck we'll be able to see them when we get to her house. Nice post. Have a good one!

Frances said...

When I read you post from my small New York apartment and see both the glow of the mantelpiece decs and then the gorgeous fox just outside your window ... I think ...thank goodness that there are some places that truly do tell us it is a special season.

Over here, it is all commercial pressure and gaudy electric lights ... now quite enough natural focus points.

Thank you and cheers!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hi Michele,

I think old "Reynuad" came for a peek at your mantlepiece and is wishing he was small enought to trot through the magical forest!

We are hushed and white with snow this morning! Mr.Boodle was so excited he started barking at it at 5.30am! So here I am on the computer, too awake to go back to bed, and there is still so much to do!

Hope to take some snowy pics when we go out for a walk in a few hours!

Merry Christmas to you all in Cowboys land,

Love Sarah x

Sal said...

I love your mantelpiece! Sadly, I no longer have a mantelpiece!
No snow for us...but it is bitterly cold!
Have a wonderful time!

KC'sCourt! said...

The mantelpiece is wonderful.

Tea with Willow said...

Gorgeous photos! I love your mantelpiece decoration - I bet the children think it's absolutely magical! Mr Foxy is so lovely - you were lucky to get a photo ... sadly, he wouldn't be welcome in our garden because of 'the girls', but he's beautiful all the same!

Merry Christmas to you!

Willow xx

Hens Teeth said...

Hi M,
your mantlepiece is a christmas delight! You have such wonderful style M.

Lovely for you to see Mr. Fox, I hope he returns soon. x

VintageVicki said...

Snow here in Suffolk today :)

I love your mantlepiece - really pretty.

Never seen our foxy but know he's been in the garden. Did catch sight of his tail the other day though.

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Michele

Your matelpiece looks beautiful! All so Christmassy. What little snow we had a couple of days ago has gone but we have been promised more soon!

I love foxes, great pictures you've taken, so close! We have foxes living very close by, it's great to watch them play with their little ones in the summer.

Have a lovely Christmas!

Warm wishes

Isabelle x

Andi's English Attic said...

Yup, we have a blanket of snow today and the last morning of school officially cancelled. What a great present for the kids! Luckily all school celebrations were done yesterday, so no one's missing out.
The mantle looks wonderful. I'm sure I was imagining things when I saw that evil green thing flit behind one of the pines...

a mermaids purse said...

lovely post! yes i live in the westcountry and no snow here- boo im such a big kid i love the winter wonderland!...what a wonderful mantlepiece of charms and treasures! ;0) magical!!!
i love the foxy piccys ;0)

** merry christmas **

Greedy Nan said...

Why is it when you have space everywhere, the cat always managed to sleep in the smallest possible container in the place you are at your busiest!!

LP Vintage said...

Love the snow photograph! I didn't realize until now that you live in Bath. I was there for the first time in June 2009 and loved it - beautiful setting!! I only got to stay 1 1/2 hours on our bus tout but wanted to stay at least a week. I did make it to the Jane Austen center though :-)

April said...

yes we have got snow but it's thawing fast

April xx

Sew Recycled said...

Michele, we all need a bit of glitter in our life, I have ordered some snow your way, probably arrive sometime tonight!
Enjoy your fizz and christmas treasure hunt!xxx

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I gasped at the fox picture, he is very handsome. Does this mean you hear the 'lost call' the three barks he gives at night?

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Michele!
I adore your Kitschy Christmas display!
And the fox - how beautiful! I know he's an urban fox, but I still believe that to be visited by a wild animal is a privelege and a very positive sign too. Though if you had chickens it would be another matter...! They may not be everybody's favourite, but I do like foxes.
Have a splendid weekend, it sounds as though you can put your feet up judging by all the preparation you've already done for the Big Day.
Happy days!
Denise x

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Hi Michele

All looking beautifully festive - I have a long way to go before we look anything like prepared here, but the kitchen is now usable! And all is OK for 30th. Will email before then!

Sue x

jane and the happy crow said...

Hi Michele, I love your kitschy decs. I have not done any of the decorating yet, not made the christmas cards let alone written them (a job while listening to the Archers on Sunday morning me thinks) the christmas menu is a mere mulling over in my brain, the cake not made and we have not got the tree, another Sunday job, apart from that I am all ready! I hope you manage to find all the hidden chocolate. Lots of christmas love, Jane xxxxxx

silverpebble said...

Foxy Loxy
Turkey Lurkey.

What a fabulous mantleshelf. I'd rather like to visit it please. Is there a train?

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele,
Your festive woodland looks dreamy and what super pictures of Mr Foxy!
Love to you and yours this christmas X
Love Kristina XxX

Pretty Practicals said...

Hi Michele, just a quick passing by to say hi and that I hope you have a very happy and peaceful Christmas. Lots of love, Liz

Katie said...

Hoorah for Christmas kitsch! Your mantelpiece looks fabulous. Have a wonderful Christmas. Katie x

Emma Bond said...

It's snowing in your kitchen M! You might want to get that seen to! Love Mr Pickles. He is a legend. xx

Jacqueline said...

A cat in the box and Mr. just never know what a day may bring. I intend to visit you more and's good respite care.
Believe in the Grinch and all will be well, the view from the hilltop.

Kitschen Pink said...

Oh yes we have SNOW! Lots of it! Everywhere - and it's still coming! LOVE the mini village! Mr Custards culinary plans sound bliss - does he wash up too?! t.x

Lyn said...

Gorgeous, I love santa's little helper in the box and the mantlepiece is spec-tac-u-lar!

Clare said...

I'm in love with your mantelpiece..its wonderful! Thanks so much for the card, have a wonderful christmas.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

What a lovely display !
The fox is probably partial to a smidgin of bouef en croute too . Then he wouldn't be shy at all !

Bumpkin Bears said...

Love your Blog and what a treat to have Master Fox visit! We are covered in snow right now, just about to slip slide away out to the local shop! Merry Christmas to you all, Catherine x

Libby Buttons said...

I love your furry fox friend in his little black knee stockings! What a gift! Wow I cant imagine treading up or down that snow covered hill of yours. I would no doubt fall on my big pillow & break a hip.
Wishing you a season of CoMfOrt & JoY
LiBBy BuTTons

Simone said...

Happy Christmas Michele. Your house looks wonderfully festive! x

BusyLizzie said...

What a beautiful fox! They are such elegant creatures. Thank you visiting my blog, I am not a natural cook as you can see!.. and yes, hope to be on piste at some point this winter (tee hee) Have a fab day, very jealous of your menu, although ours will be "alternative" as Jack hates turkey!
Lizzie xx

Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

Wonderful fox photos! There are lots round here, but we've never seen one in the garden. But we did see footprints in the snow on our lawn! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

cocoa and blankets said...

Have a fab Christmas I am being naughty and playing with my pressie already :)

Pomona said...

Have a very happy Christmas!

Pomona x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Michele,
I hope you and your boys have a fabulous Christmas...time to put down that badge making machine now...your biceps have had more than enough exercise this year!
Relax and enjoy the peace of the season.

Lovely as he is, I'm glad that foxy didn't visit our garden - I don't think my hens would have been very pleased!

Merry Christmas,
Niki xx