Sunday, 15 November 2009

All is calm... all is bright!

Hardly seems possible that six months of planning and waiting since the last Vintage & Handmade Fair in May, has been and gone in the blink of an eye... or so it feels.
Much has already been said about yesterday's event .. from the fabulous folk who braved the elements and queued in the rain patiently for our doors to open. The dedicated and professional stall holders, bloggers, friends and family..
I had a whale of a time.. meeting up with our ladies.. who travelled from all corners of the country to bring their finest wares to the fair.. and make it something special.. and certainly a day that many remember for all kinds of reasons.. but..mainly.. for the warmth and feel good factor that bind our team together.
Gratitude to all who made it a date that is etched in my diary as one very hard to beat.

Photos courtesy of Sal's camera.. Guess who forgot hers again!

To see the day from start to finish.. in glorious technicolour.. please visit our webpage at Vintage & Handmade Fair Mr Country Cottage Chic.. took some great shots .. Every picture tells a story.
The countdown to the next fair on May 1st 2010.. has already begun !


Garden Girl said...

well done to you all on a fabulous day! It was lovely to see you again Custardo x

jane and the happy crow said...

Hi michele, Thank you so much for another lovely day! Home again now exhausted but very happy. It was great to see you I am just sorry that I did not have a chance for a proper chat. Your stand was a delight as usual you find the lovelyist thngs! Hope you are relaxing today and basking in your success! Lots of love to you, Jane xxx

heidi said...

Hi Michelle,
It was great to meet you yesterday.
We had a fab day & came home with lots of treasures & happy memories!x

Annie said...

It looks as fantastic as the last one. I am just so sorry we didn't manage to get down this time, but the next one is already in my diary.
Ann x

Frances said...

What a lovely day it must have been. I just hope that one of these ... years, I will be in the UK at the time of one of your fairs, and will see the finery for myself. And take lots of it home to New York.

Josie-Mary said...

Well done on yet another successful fair, I didn't mind missing the CL fair on Thursday but gutted I couldn't make yours. I've been to both & yours is the best :) x

Hens Teeth said...

M...I can't thank you and Jayne enough for such a wonderful day. I spent the whole of Sunday smiling.
In every way the Fair was so special, meeting up with all our bloggy and stall holder friends, making and collecting for the fair, meeting and seeing lots of visitors and friends and just enjoying the very special atmosphere that you and Jayne have created. Oh and the Teas and cakes, such hard work but done with such style. Thank you so much and May seems such a long way off, but I know it will soon come around.. x

Anonymous said...

Hi there! You left a comment on my club blog ( Me and my Sew Make Believe girls had a fanastic day and I know I definitely bought something from your stall (I went a little mad in the whole fair!!) - such lovely things you have/had!

Hope to see you again next time (I know that we will be back!). Kate x

Sal said...

A fab day was had by all...! Thank you for all of your hard work, Michele.

I am so glad that Old Custard and Old Snippets get along so well.
I did ask old Snippets how many men he counted to which he replied, '8 or 9'.

So I said,'You really did count?'

To which he replied, 'It gave me something to do!!'

LOL ;-)

Florence and Mary said...

It was my first visit but well worth the trip and I'm already getting excited about May's one next year!

Victoria xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele!

Thank you so much for organising such a fantastic event really is in a class of its own! It truely is unique and I feel honoured to be a part of it.

Thank you to both you and Jayne for the many hours of dedication that you put into making it such a happy day for everyone, both shoppers and sellers alike!

Lots of love and thanks to you...
Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

Pomona said...

It was lovely to meet you on Saturday, and see your lovely stall (and buy a little something, of course!). Well done for organizing the fair - it was a great event and I look forward to the next one!

Pomona x

silverpebble said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there. It looks welcoming, beautiful and as Menopausal Musing says, I just know I would have had an attack of the spendy wendies. I don't know, those wendies are terrible.

BusyLizzie said...

thank you again for a fab day.. the pics on the website are excellent.. love the one of the anxious shoppers waiting to get in!!! Lizzie x

Rosie said...

I'm so pleased that it was a success. The stalls all look lovely and I really wish I had been able to get there. I'll certainly put the next one in my diary.

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Dear Michele,

Judging by all the amazing posts and brilliant comments I think you could safely say that this most recent V & H fair was a resounding success. There are lots of wonderful blogs about it. ( I especially enjoyed Hen's and Isabelle's )

So really well done to you and Jayne, I expect you will be having a lovely cup of tea with your feet up recovering..........guffaw! We march on towards the Mid Winter celebrations getting ever more excited, I am like whirling dervish already!

Love Sarah x

claire Maraldo said...

Thank you so much Michele for organising such a wonderful event. You should be very proud . . .
Everyone I spoke to really enjoyed it, such a great atmosphere!

Can't wait until the next one!

louise said...

I think I am missing out on something here! I am so glad the latest fair was another success for you Michele. x

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

so glad it was another success for you all...not that it was ever in doubt! I wasn't there in person but I was thinking of you on Saturday. Going to look at all the lovely photos now. Lucyxx

Red Riding said...

oh i so wished i could have gone,if pennies allowed =(

it looks like it went wonderfully


Ragged Roses said...

I have been looking at photos of the Fair all week Dottie, it does look a most wonderful day. Well done you for organising such a successful and fun day for all those who visited and were involved. So many vintage and handmade delights...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs jam rolly and polly and custard,

Oooh sorry Michele i am on weight watchers and first thing i thought of when i saw custard.
Have you recovered from your famous fair? it looked fantastic,i have seen many a picture and read lots of stories all over blogland.
Love Kristina XxX

Cally's Cottage said...

Hello there,
I emailed you many weeks ago hoping to be able to be at the fair too but didn't chase it up as I thought you were probably fully booked.I would love to attend the next one in May - if I send you some photographs of my stall would you consider me???
Sal of SAL'S SNIPPETS is hopefully coming on Saturday to take photos too,so we should have something to show you!!It looked a wonderful day and I hope that everyone had a wonderful time!
Warm Wishes,
Cally x

THIS'N'THAT said...

I had alovely time (again!) at the V&A Fair. Such lovely things for sale and great company!! Well done to Mr Snippetts for counting the men ... one of them was mine and said he'd enjoyed himself too. Looking forward to the next one:)
Lesley X