Sunday, 23 August 2009

Whimpers and Wishes..

With one week to go, these summer hols will have passed in the blink of an eye.. or so it feels. It really doesn't seem credible that 8 weeks ago I accompanied my son to his end of term service in Bath Abbey..and watched as the pupils poured out after the service wearing broad smiles and a sense of freedom in their hearts. The hols had begun..So where have all those days in-between gone?
I suppose we have trundled gently along, keeping to some kind of routine but allowing ourselves some 'escape time' to head off to all points of the compass.. North to visit Hereford, Hay on Wye and Tetbury, Jayne for a morning of coffee, friendship and much needed chat about the V & H Fair to come.. South to Branscombe and 24 hours of sea breezes, sun and sand between our toes. East to our local supermarket, didn't get very far in that direction other than a few short walks around the hills of Bath..Heading West to a place I have grown to love so dearly and long to return to at every opportunity, one day for good I hope .. Devon, Drewsteignton to be precise and the banks of the river Teign. So beautiful in all seasons.Finally all the fun of the fair in Portscatho in Cornwall for the much anticipated Home Spun Fair and Friday last, which was a day of much laughter and fine friendship courtesy of Niki in her fabulous home and some girly time.. so badly needed!Why oh why did I not take more photos of her exquisite home!?

We haven't really ventured that far and yet I feel we have had some great adventures and have brought home the best kind of souvenirs of many happy memories.
Our last little jaunt was to a place we head for frequently.. being only half an hour from home..
The pretty town of Tetbury in the south of the Cotswolds.. A place stuffed to the gills with antique shops .. but one in particular that I make a bee-line to with quickening steps.. Lorford's.. A shop of the most enticing kind. As I step through the doors into this cave of delights.. I love to play my favourite game of.."If I won the lottery.. I would buy...." and this is why..
I will lead you through the rooms and I am sure you will lose your head and heart to something in this extraordinary place..I could happily ride that little horse home..
When can I move in to this des res..Now that is what I call a plate rack...I'll take the lot please.. no need to wrap anything.What do you fancy?
Love that chair..Mirror mirror on the wall..Such beautiful colours..These little blue bottles make an attractive collection..
I will end that eye watering tour on a sigh.. and something I spotted on leaving Tetbury outside the deli.. Spot the deliberate mistake!Now the hols are drawing to a close, I can almost smell autumn upon the air.. and look forward to days of golden sun on bronzed leaves, foraging for berries to make jam with and lighting that first fire of the season. Getting down and cosy.
There is of course one other shop that I am rather fond of.. and that is Milly & Dottie's Emporium.
Milly and I have been bustling around filling the shelves with some lovely new items. Take for example Billy the boss- eyed pooch.. How much is that doggy in the window? You'll have to visit the emporium to find out!


Ragged Roses said...

Do you know I can't remember how much that doggy is? Better go and check!!! What a wonderful shop in Tetbury, absolutely supurb, love it!!!
A couple of weeks more of holidays just yet Dottie, still time to have lots of fun and mischief

BusyLizzie said...

The dolls house has got to be the thing I want to bring home please...... Like you I am looking forward to the Autumn.. just adore those crisp days & blue skies.. (perhaps?)
Lizzie x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Oh Billy, he is lovely! What an amazing Aladin's Cave of gorgeous goodies. I love love love the plate rack and all that beautiful china and the horsey, what a handsome chap!

I know what you mean about the holidays they seem to stretch out before us and then suddenly they slip away and you find yourself counting down the last few precious days.

I kind of like the renewal of a fresh term, new season and all that. Different perspective and new outfits!

Thanks so much Michele for your kind words, happy late Summer to you and yours,

Sarah x

Chelle said...

What a fantastic summer. I love all of the photos of the antiques. I am very ready for summer to be over. In just a few short weeks the leaves will start changing colors, and the relentless summer temps will drop. I can't wait!

Polly R said...

Wow that's amazing - Portscatho is the little village that I visit every summer in Cornwall! Isn't it lovely? Our very good friends have a pretty house there. Lovely blog xx

Annie said...

It's amazing how quickly the summer has passed by and not much sunshine either. I can't believe it's time to start organising the last bits of school uniform and getting back in to a more organised routine.
The antiques shop looks wonderful, the dolls house looked lovely.
Ann x

Sew Recycled said...

We are off that way this weekend, mmm, do you think I could fit all those goodies in my Golf?
Not sure Mr Sew Recycled's wallet will cope though!
Enjoy the last weeks, why does it have to go so fast?

Kitschen Pink said...

The makeshift bikini! Where oh where is the makeshift bikini?? !! My oh my but you've been busy - you've had one hell of a summer my lovely - time to rest soon?!

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

The plate rack, the linen press and the painted serpentine chest of drawers for me please. As you say, no need to wrap them.

Wasn't Friday such fun!!!

As for Boss-eyed Billy ... words fail me!!

Sue xx

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Michele,
What a lovely wonder the hols have whizzed-by to've been such a busy bee. So many lovely jaunts to beautiful places...sigh...
It was lovely to see you on Friday...I'm glad that we all managed to get together for a good laugh...feel free to take more piccies next time...You should have taken a photo after the table was laid, not before! Just to prove that I really DO cook sometimes...;-))
Talking of which, I've already made 8 jars of plum jam...hopefully that will cut down on the amount of wasps visiting my garden now!

Will try to get to Tetbury myself've tempted me, big time!
Niki xx
PS: Is Ursula decent yet?!

LiLi M. said...

Eight weeks??? We only had seven, which is by far too short to do all we want to do. And there are evil voices over here who whisper that seven (or six) weeks of holidays is too long. Children would get used to 'not learning and not studying'. Well what did those foolish people think the holidays are meant for? Yes to forget all about school and learn some usefull things! Mmm I got a little caried away, did you notice?
You seem to have a jolly good time! I would have chosen the dolls' house, if I were you! Have a great last week of freedom and a good start next week.

ps. I am working on the price you won, you thought I was joking when I said somewhere September you will receive it, didn't you?

Dana and Daisy said...

I love the plate rack and the blue bottles.

ho hum, I guess I will just make do with what I've got!

School is in the second full week already in Oklahoma Michele! I could not be happier about that! It's as if life has returned to normal and the dissatisfaction of bored, listless children has been remedied with homework and a schedule! Ah!

Elizabeth said...

Great pictures of that shop!! It's fun seeing some of the places we visited in June, on your blog, like the Abby, and the Devon countryside.

Tanya said...

What beautiful places you have visited this summer. A lot of wonderful memories I'm sure. I could definitely take a few things home from that antiques shop!

Felicity said...

i love the old dolls house, and the light fitting too! i cant wait until autumn, leave crunching, cooler evenings! bliss! fliss xx

susan said...

I have been in touch with the girls from homespun they pointed to you, I'm about to start running Interior courses from Brympton D'evercy in Somerset and they are sampling the first run through with me . I need to contact you about setting up a vintage fair at the same location.

cocoa and blankets said...

I know exactly what you mean...I am back earlier than my two, next thursday and I still have tons to do in the house not to mention all the coursework which still hasnt been marked and all the things for the fair!!! I have to say its been a lovely holiday though and we have done lots of nice things...I must do a post about it....when I have time....

Fiona said...

Sounds like you have had a lovely summer. I can hardly believe my lovely hubbie is back to School on Tuesday. Will miss him dreadfully but it will be quite nice to get back to a normal routine and I do look forward to Autumn and getting cosy again. The shop in Tetbury looks fab. Oh to win the lottery! I keep meaning to make a trip there from Mum and Dads some time. Hopefully after their move they will have more time for joining us on jolly trips with no BandBs to look after. Off for a look round your shop now. I need to find a Birthday pressie for Simon to buy me this week so I'll see if something tempts me!

louise said...

The dollshouse is lovely. If I was 'really' little I would move in! I will hopefully remember Tetbury the next time we visit the lovely Cotswolds. There are properties there I could easily move into too. x

OhSoVintage said...

Oh yes, superb post Michele. Well I was going to have the plate rack but it seems Sue has bagged it first!
Ruth x

Margie said...

Oh M I would love the plate rack or the duck egg blue dresser at the back, not sure how I would get them home, do they deliver across the sea? I enjoyed your photos and I too cant believe where the summer has gone (not that we got much weather wise here). Thank you for posting this wonderful trip to the shop. Hugs, Margie.