Thursday, 4 June 2009

June is bustin' out all over..

I have had that song dancing around my head since Monday.. along with the Steeleye Span song.. 'Didn't we have a lovely time... the day we went to the V & H Fair'... slightly altered lyrics of course!
Thank you to everyone, for all the tremendous feedback we have had about the fair..
It is very comforting to know that those of you who did visit, had a good time.. even if your purses didn't!
The icing on the cake is knowing that so many of you enjoyed your day out amongst fellow bloggers whilst shopping for vintage and handmade goodies... the best of both worlds.

As the dust gently settles on the last fair.. the mind is firmly set upon the next fair in November.. the 14th to be precise.. and though I wouldn't want to wish away the summer months .. I really can't wait to start the whole process of plotting and planning and gathering items for the next...

To offer up some distraction.. the garden has put on a dazzling show of colour to tempt me out of doors.. Hence the song.. June is bustin' out all over...May and June are the 'main act' in most gardens as flowers put on their best frocks and compete with each other with colour and growth..I must confess that I wasn't a particular devotee of roses before I had my own garden.. but the variety and character of these plants have seduced me and I have collected a few ..This stripy rose.. yet to open up... is my favourite... though the name escapes me.. it is an old fashioned English rose with a heavenly scent..
I think the green fly would agree with me... oops!The foxgloves have done me proud this year and self seeded freely around the garden.. one can never have too many.. and so good for the bees! This little statuesque lady.. is affectionately known as Flora.. she was named by my son when he was a very small boy and he would wrap his arms around her neck and plant kisses on her stony cheek..I am hoping that our modest crop of strawberries will ripen in time for a strawberry cream tea this weekend.. though judging by the weather report on Metcheck.. a weather site that I visit daily.. the signs were for a dramatic dip in the old mercury in these parts on Saturday and can you believe ..sleet was forecast..
Time to get those woollies out again!


OhSoVintage said...

I am SO enjoying reading everyone's posts about the V & H fair, what a success. I hope you are taking time to sit and enjoy your garden after all your hard work. The trouble is I can't sit in mine without seeing something that I ought to be doing
Ruth xx

Kitschen Pink said...

Looks like Rosa Mundi?
Love all your sculptures. That head is so funny!
Bang on with Steel Eye Span - that's exactly what I've been humming every time I saw 'we had a lovely time' in a post! Now it's stuck in my brain for the day. Oh no! - "a beautiful day, we had lunch on the way, and all for under a pound you know..."

Floss said...

Wonderful garden pictures - thanks! The fair was obviously such a success. Well done to all!

Hen said...

Hi Michele,
The stripey rose is probably Rosa Mundi if its the old one or Ferdinand Pichard if its the new variety. Mine is just flowering in the front garden, I love it but it doesn't repeat flower so have to enjoy it while I can! Harry came back with the first strawberries a couple of days ago; mainly dinky alpine ones and one lovely big one. Not sure how big it will be split three ways?!
Hen x

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele,
The fair looked amazing,pictures all over blogland,you and Jayne should be very proud of all your efforts as it has brought happiness and smiles to so many bloggers.
I am trying to organize popping to the next one,fingers crossed.
Your roses look beautiful as do ours,june really id their month isn't it?....sleet,oh dear i hope not my friend.
Love Kristina XxX

Sal said...

Gorgeous roses!
I bet the roses at Wisley are lovely right now ;-)

Clare said...

Lovely roses...I'm awful at keeping plants alive..definitely not green fingered!Have a great week.

Dana and Daisy said...

sleet! oh my! not good for the garden!

Tanya said...

Your garden looks just beautiful. Hope the cold weather doesn't do any damage. We've had unusually cool weather in my area also.But it's thankfully not stopping the blooms and the tomatoe plants!

Floss said...

I forgot to say before, but have to tell you - the head with the sempervivums is absolutely wonderful. They're one of may favourite plants, and often feature on my blog.

cocoa and blankets said...

Your roses are makes me sad as I just killed mine by movig it! The first pale pink pnes look like a perfect isnt nature amazing...I wish I coul go to the fair.....

Ragged Roses said...

Your garden looks lovely. Our roses have just woken up too and there are splashes of pink all over the garden, a very welcome sight. Our strawberries are growing, I hope your forecast of sleet is wrong as it's touch and go trying to keep the snails from them, not sure whether Mr Roses would take too kindly to a bedroom full of tins and pots of strawberries nestling under vintage eiderdowns!

Bobo Bun said...

I'd sit there all day and daydream in your gorgeous garden Michele.

Well done on what looked like a fantastic V & H fair. Wish we could have come and browsed as a real delight for the eyes.

Thanks for your thoughts. Fun will be found don't worry, my girls are too noisy to let me get away with it and I'm not too good at being disciplined.

Lisa x

Felicity said...

lovely photos, im def. going to come in Novemeber even if i have to bring my husband!! he he!! loved reading all about it and seeing the yummy photos!

Alison said...

Oh those strawberries, yummy!
Well the weather here is decidely horrid, has been raining all day and doesn't look set to change all weekend by the forcasts!
Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Michele

I can beat you on the number of greenfly. My Caroline Testout rose is in bud but is covered in those pesky green things.

Shame about the weather changing - just in time for Mum and me to go to the chillier climes of Northamptonshire!

Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers. Our strawberry plants are in flower, so it won't be long before we can harvest some delicious berries.
The temperature has dropped dramatically here, though on the bright side, we are in for a very hot summer according to the papers. xxx

LiLi M. said...

It was such a pleasure to see all those posts about the V&H fair. Every one was so excited and everybody managed to give me that feeling: Oh I wish I could have been there, or as we say: the ones that stayed at home were wrong! And now enjoying the garden. With that outburst of lovely wheather in May it all looks gorgeous, here we had some colder days starting June, but today is lovely again, but I am trying to catch up with blogging!
Have a great weekend, keep that good feeling of a well accomplished goal for a while, you deserve it!

BusyLizzie said...

wonderwoman here! thanks for your kind comment. Never thought I would go back to nursing, but the right job came up & I couldn't turn it down!
Have a lovely weekend, Lizzie x

Southern Drawl said...

Your garden is amazing!

brave girl said...

I wish I lived nearby to go the the V & H Fair! Alas, I live in the U.S.A. on the West Coast! About as far as one can be. I adore you photos...the strawberries are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

your garden looks so happy and joyful!

Katie said...

What a beautiful garden! Hoorah for summer sunshine (wherever it's gone)! I'm looking forward to November's fair already. xxx

Carol said...

Your Mr Head looks very Mexican, Frida would have loved him I am sure. I have a Mr head with something quite similar hanging out all over.
Beautiful flowers, expecially the foxgloves. The weather has not been so good since I last posted. The heavy downpours have been much welcomed by our garden friends though.
Will we ever get the chance to enjoy a few balmy summer evening's in this land? don't know about you but we have been snuggling up under crochet throws to keep warm in the evening.

sarah said...

hi thanks for the comments i jave tagged you know!!! so glad you like the polka dots! I will have to send you a bag of bits to do something creative with.

lou said...

Hi, it looks like you have got a beautiful garden!

I will make sure I come and say hi at the next fair, every time I came over you were busy or already talking to someone, even with my big mouth I can sometimes be a bit shy.

I can’t wait for the next one!

Love Lou xxx