Friday, 22 May 2009


Occasionally.. the gremlins rise up and cause mayhem in the world that is Blogland.. and this is just what has happened to Jayne of Country Cottage Chic. For any of you who are familiar with her lovely blog.. you will have been met by a warning that this blog is .. basically off limits!
In the meantime.. Jayne has set up another blog at
Keep in touch and up to date with Jayne and the Vintage & Handmade Fair whilst those pesky gremlins are dealt with!


funkymonkey said...

Thanks Michele. I had tried reading Jayne's blog but thought perhaps it was gremlins in my machine.


Professor Yaffle said...

Hi Michelle

Her blog was shut down by Blogger by an automated process as they believed that it was spamming.
I checked her site which is not accessible and was warned that the site contained malware, which in turn could have caused the spamming, or a false positive of spamming. Jayne needs to contact Blogger as there is only a short period of grace in which to recover it. I will email her too.

Hens Teeth said...

Typical ... absolutely typical!

Sew Recycled said...

Those darn gremlins! They get everywhere.
Hope well Michele and not too stressed! Good luck with it all and we must catch up very soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've had a warning on her site, so thanks for giving us the link to Jaynes other blog. xxxx

Sea Angels said...

Ouch...not good..
Thanks for your comments Michele, the rose is a Kiftsgate, I think it belonged originally to 'Sleeping Beauty' left to its own devises it would have covered the house twice over..we have to prune it twice a year to keep it in check.
I hope you are keeping your head above water re the Fair...I haven't forgot what very hard work it is. I hope you all have the most lovely time.
Lynn xx

The Whispering Poppies said...

Oh my! Thank you for letting me know! I had a huge warning yesterday on my screen (in red, no less) prohibiting me from getting into her site! I knew something had run amuck! =O

LiLi M. said...

Just what she could use now... But she is lucky to have a friend like you! Going to pop over and say hi!
Keep up the good work Michele and don't worry about emails that have to be send, because there are none, only if you have time and feel like it, remember? Have a great weekend!

April said...

I wondered what had happened to Jayne - thanks for the update Michele

April xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Thanks for posting this Michele! Hopefully I can find all my blog friends again.
Keeping fingers crossed that they reinstate my blog.


Carol said...

Hi MIchele,
I am glad that you told me...there are more blogs that seem to have this problem.
I have found al least another 4!
I still cannot find how to save mine to the hard drive, so if you do let me know.

Bobo Bun said...

Thanks for letting us know Michelle. Hope Jayne can get there in time, annoying for her to have something extra to sort out at the moment.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Michele - I thought it was me when I couldn't access Jayne's blog yesterday. How silly!

Sue x

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

It is such a bugger when things like this happen! I am sure she wasn't meaning to spam and it is unfortunate that blogger does these sorts of things. Nasty gremlins is right!


Carol said...

Love the spots Michele.

Dana and Daisy said...

that is aweful. Just the other day I decided to do some blog hopping (just clicking the next button, over and over). Now I am being inundated with pornographic spam. Good golly, I had never considered those blogs might install malware on my computer or my blog. I figured as long as it was a blogger site, the most they might do is capture my email.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Flag reserved!Enjoy your week! Sx