Thursday, 8 May 2008

Mercury Rising...

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day.....
Bonjour tout le monde... I am just popping in to wish you a glorious day wherever you may be..
Le solleil brille et les oiseaux chansons... Going from memory that might not be correct.. but the sun is shining here and the birds are singing.. positively shouting !
I have been torn between house and garden these last few days wanting to soak up every moment of sun in case is decides to move on elsewhere..
So forgive this brief encounter... I will return soon with some shamefully belated thank you's to some very special blog friends..
Until then...

Carpe Diem

P.s The photo is of a view we had in Tuscany two years ago.. early morning mist clearing to reveal this magical landscape...Castles in the air!

and.. how could I forget to thank all of you who left such warm and friendly comments on my last post... Gardening is my passion and it is evident that it is yours too...I shall be doing my usual rounds of the estate today.. murmuring sweet nothings to my beloved plants..


Katherines Dream said...

Good morning Michele,
I can hear the joy in your post. What a difference the sunshine can bring.
Wonderfull picture, I did think it was of Bath to begin with!
I have just had a tour of my I do every sunny morning! the snails are driving me mad, my poor Hosta's are really suffering; but the Lupin is looking much better!
I am sure that plants pick something up from us when we love them...I can almost see them grow as I pass by!!!
Speak soon,
Carol xxxx

Nonnie said...

That photo confused me for a moment. I was thinking how different Bath looked. Foreign almost! Beautiful picture. Enjoy your time in the garden. Wish I was in mine right now rather than stuck in the office. I'm loving having my own little garden finally and love doing my evening inspection when I get home. Lets hope this sunshine lasts until the weekend. Have a lovely day. x

Ragged Roses said...

Bonjour mon ami(e) - never quite sure about the "e"! What a difference the sun makes, it truly lifts the spirits. I'm just going to have a quick run round the garden, if I do it quickly I don't notice the feast that the snails had last night. Take care, bonne journee


Bonjour Michele, comment allez-vous aujourd' hui? Hark at me trying to be clever. Don't talk to those plants in French you will just confuse them! x

carolyn said...

It's hard to stay indoors now the spring sunshine has finally arrived, we have to make the most of it here in England before the rains come back!

The Hobbit said...

I love you people!!!! French is my first language and I think it's great to find so many people using it. I'm sure the lavender loves hearing you murmur sweet somethings to it.And Tuscany my dream spot ahhhh someday. Hubby refuses to travel and I can't imagine leaving him behind and going off on my own although he insist that I do so.Love the read

Dana Jones said...

What a beautiful place to visit. I hope to go to Tuscany some day. Your blog is so uplifting!

JuicyFig said...

the view from my bedroom window here in Lancashire is just like that - until I open the curtains...hehehe

Oh sunny days!!!!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Good afternoon!! What a beautiful day!! Looking forward to a Tuscany trip in a couple weeks- you have us dreaming again!!

kari & kijsa

Curlew Country said...

Oh I would love to go to Tuscany some day. What a fabulous picture. I went to Italy on an archaeology dig at university, up in the mountains of the Veneto. Glorious place and I'd love to see more of Italy (even thouhgh I am a fearful traveller!)
The garden is coming along slowly, thanks so much for asking Michele. As it's all new planting, my patch is way behind established gardens so I gave everything another feed last night to help things along. I bought some bargain pinks at the fruit shop in the week (£1 each)in three different shades for my pots (well old baths and buckets actually!) and their scent is just heavenly. Current project is clearing a load of gravel from a semi-shady terrace border by the conservatory to plant up with hostas etc, (more organic slug pellets required I think - they're doing a good job so far!). Any tips for flowers that might tolerate a border in dappled shade but gets full sun for 3-4 hours in the early part of the day?

Vintage Amethyst said...

Such a magical view!
Goodness hasn't this week been beautiful with the sun shining and some warmth!
Hope you have a lovely weekend
love Alison x

bj said...

Do whisper SWEET NOTHINGS to your plants and they will thrive, my friend!
Seen any movie stars lately?? :o)

bj said...

"seen any movie STARS lately" stars as in film actors, preformers of the screen, as in JOHNNY DEPP, NICKOLAS CAGE...HAHA..just giving you a hard time, my little friend !
Have a great Mom's Day weekend.....

Dana Jones said...

I too have been spending shameless amounts of time in the garden, at the expense of housecleaning and making art. It will soon be 100 degrees here and I'll come back inside!